Curious about what I got up to in Toronto? Find out where we stayed and where we ate below. 

As you know blog reader I recently traveled to Toronto for World Master Card Fashion Week with my Halifax Blogger Favorite Mo (lion-hunter.com), and her good friend Princess (PersonalBravery.com). Because we were traveling as a group of three it was a little tricky finding a hotel spot to accommodate us all that wouldn’t feel too crowded.
We decided on using Air B&B, and I hadn’t done it before, but I can honestly say it was an amazing experience. We stayed in this BEAUTIFUL condo located on the corner of Queen Quay West and Spadina. It was little farther away from the tents, but it was directly across from a street car that took us where ever we needed to go. 
Included in the unit was two bedrooms, two washrooms (full baths), and laundry; the building even had a sauna, steam room, hot tub, and a gym! It couldn’t have worked out better. We were able to all get ready at the same time (plenty of mirrors) and maximize time by having two girls shower at the same time. 
The amount of natural light in this unit was amazing for taking photos, and I loved sitting on the sofa and watching the planes take off every morning. 
For someone who likes to eat healthy being able to store and prepare our own food was a major win. We were able to make our own food (not that we were home a lot), but it was great for breakfast and when we got home late. I made my steel cut oatmeal (mixed with protein powder and berries) and my morning tea with ease.

Cathy the lady who owned the condo we were staying in was available at a
moment notice, and was very informative throughout the entire process. It
was so seamless I would absolutely do it again! 

Because the shows happen in the afternoon, and go into the evening it’s tricky to get all your meals in. Leading up the shows we made sure to enjoy some great food in the city before the week got bananas, and scarfing down food from the food court below the tents became our normal. 
One of the places we went to for brunch was RIVOLI. This little brunch spot was great. The prices were very reasonable and the food was delicious. The menu is pretty simple, but there’s definitely enough choice. We all found something we wanted, and enjoyed. I would definitely go back there again. Our server could have been a bit more knowledgeable about the food, but other than that it was perfect.
After attending a full day of shows and some poor planning on our part (we didn’t make it downstairs before the food court closed) we were RAVENOUS to say the least. Because Hero Certified Burgers was on the way back to the condo we decided to make a pit stop and grab a burger. 
I ordered the super turkey burger that came with avocado, tomato, swiss cheese and turkey bacon. It was pretty good, but it was kind of pricey considering it could have been more flavorful, and my fries were not cooked all the way (the worst), and they also came with salt even though I asked for no salt. I was too hungry to wait for more, so I didn’t bother saying anything. 
It true Kayla fashion I spilled my drink on the floor. I was trying to get my ketchup open and my hand slipped and my drink soared across the floor (soaking it, and Mo). You honestly can’t take me anywhere. 
Poor Mo wasn’t feeling very well when we landed in Toronto as she had just gotten over a pretty intense stomach flu, and was just introducing solid food back into her system. We decided that Raman would be the best option for her, and I would get sushi. 
We stopped into Sushi Xtra on Queen Street West because it was near by, and we were star-ving. The sushi was great! I loved it. I got my usual spicy salmon and spicy tuna and it was delicious. I couldn’t have been happier with my choice. My miso soup was also great and so very needed because I was freezing to death! It was SO cold in Toronto you guys.
The service was just okay. To be fair it was super busy, and I’m pretty sure there was only one server on staff, but it was a Saturday and their sushi happy hour, so I feel like they should know better given that Queen Street is always bumpin’ with shoppers. Our server also completely forgot to bring Mo her soup, but I think she was just flustered and/or confused who knows.

I would go back to this sushi spot though, and it would be good to go with a group because they have a good deal for their happy hour, but you’d need to eat a lot of sushi to take advantage.

While shopping at the Eaton Centre Princess finalllllllllllly found herself a frozen yogurt shop, and she’d only been looking for one the entire week. So naturally we had to stop and get some. If you’re familiar with my blog, or my instagram account you know I love matcha green tea lattes, and so when I found out that matcha green tea frozen yogurt existed I HAD to have it. It was SO good! I’m going to have to recreate this one on my own. I’m super pumped.

Annnyyyy whooo stay tuned for more fashion week posts coming this week! From my favorite show recaps to what I wore, it’ll be a fashion week overload I promise. Apologies for my delay in posting. I had a dance recital the morning after getting in from Toronto. I danced for 9 hours straight on Sunday, and it was amazing, but also ate up a lot of my time! More on that later too!

Happy Tuesday! Hope you eat something tasty today

Short Presents
All photos (except the last three) were snapped using the Nikon 1 J4 camera! Thanks so much for supporting my sponsors.

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