Spring Cleansing Part II

I’ve compiled a list of things you might need to complete your cleanse properly. 

You are going to need protein in order to feel satisfied, and repair your muscles. Here are just a few suggestions.

  • quinoa (full of protein and easy to cook)
  • lentils (I love the red ones, you can use lentils anywhere you’d used ground meat)
  • chick peas (enjoy hot or cold in salads, be sure to rinse)
  • Beans (roman beans help build muscle, explore navy and kidney as well)
  • as much fruit and veggies as possible. Don’t be afraid of frozen. 
  • soy milk/ and or almond milk
  • whole grains (multi-grain is a trick don’t fall for it)
  • natural peanut butter (separation is normal just mix and refrigerate) 
  • tofu (marinated does the hard work for you, but be careful of sodium content. Tofu also comes in mango flavored great for smoothies)
  • brown rice (won’t turn into sugar in your body. Invest in a rice cooker, I would. )
  • Natural yogurt (no artificial sweeteners watch out for sucralose and aspartame hello Alzheimers) 
  • You are going to need some spice to save your life. My favorites to pick up are cayenne, red pepper chili flakes, garlic powder (not salt), cilantro, coriander, turmeric  curry,  black pepper and parsley. 
  • Green tea: I recently learned that drinking a cup of green tea can increase your metabolism by 12% and when you pair it with tangerine the results actually increase. Adding a hint of mint also freshens up the whole thing. Try subbing in green tea for your coffee, and just see the difference. 

The difference between eating well and your regular diet might just be a bit of planning. So instead of grabbing something on the fly you might need to actually think and prepare it yourself. Often times when we makes things we make a little extra, but we eat it and feel over stuffed. Why not make enough for lunch the next day and add a light salad. We really should be aiming to eat either a salad for lunch, or a side salad at dinner to ensure maximum veg count. 

As long as you plan ahead you should be successful. If there are certain foods for you that are triggers, just don’t bring them into the house, and if eating out if your issue try to eat dinner at home during the week, and splurge on the weekends. 

I’m scouring my cook books, and I’ll be putting up some recipes soon. For now check out the “shortcuts” tab for recipes previously uploaded.

I’m thinking of starting my cleanse June 1st. Who’s with me?

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