review is for the fellas (or the ladies with short hair)! Are you looking for a hair product that holds
your hair in place without it feeling stiff? Or greasy? Surface Hair Care recently launched a flexible hold texture paste, and I got all the scoop!  

Since I have long(ish) hair, and I’m also not a dude I enlisted help to test out this product. For
all the guys out there looking for a product that holds your hair in
place without it looking greasy or stiff you might want to take note of
this product. Surface’s texture paste is designed to provide a flexible
hold without hair feeling stiff.

texture paste is the newest addition to the award-winning Surface
Styling Line, the product is a texturizing paste that also provides
flexible hold.


“Bamboo and Clay Flex Fibers texturize while Sugars and Vegan starches create the hold.  This powerful, multi tasking styling product delivers strength and flexibility, allowing for shape, sculpt, control and hold”.



product is a paste that applies easily and is very easy to wash off any
excess (important for when you’re in a hurry to get out the door).

product applies as with a matte finish (no Ross Gellar hair), and
maintains a nice hold without being too firm and thus allowing your hair
to retain movement throughout your day.

scent is nice and refreshing (important for the guys of course). The
scent is not overpowering, and does not smell purely like chemicals
either. It has a very subtle naturally clean smell.


a smaller and deeper jar so guys with bigger hands might have a problem
scooping out the paste as they move through the product. 
For the jar’s size it’s slightly on the pricey side, but otherwise I really like it. 
The pros outweigh the cons (wanting more of the product really isn’t a bad thing). This great product is available at select Surface Salons and online at www.surfacehair.com

Price: $26.98

Visit www.surfacehair.com for more information.
Any questions please comment below or tweet me @shortpresents! And thanks so much for reading :):) 

x Short Presents 

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