Bride of Frankenstein

In lieu of attending the “Frankenstein” production at the Neptune Theatre, I decided to haul out the hot rollers for a change, and attempt to use them for the first time in years. 

 I’ll be your bride Frankenstein 


When using hot rollers it is best to put the rollers in damp hair, rather than fully dry hair (like I did). I divided my hair into two sections, and worked my way up from the bottom to top. I like the bulk of the curls to be on the bottom, so I use the smaller rollers on the bottom, and the larger ones on the top for more lift and volume. I like a looser curl, so I gently ran my fingers through the curls to loosen them up a bit then sprayed them with some hairspray. I should have left the rollers in longer (more than 15 minutes) because my curls fell out pretty quickly, but to be fair I didn’t use a lot of spray AND it was like a major wind storm outside last night. I didn’t stand a chance against that Halifax wind. 
Turned out okay though right? Any suggestions of how to curl your hair using hot rollers?
Happy Thursday, 
**Photo editing complements of Instragram

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