Inspired by the film (and book) ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ this cheeky little box set contains three blush worthy shades, and a travel brush for on the go application, and luxe little keepsake bag; despite having not read the books (yet) I couldn’t wait to give them a try.


Blush, highlight, and glow. This blush-worthy collection features
three cheeky shades, plus an Artisan Powder Brush for expert
application. With looks that range from a healthy glow of innocence to a
highlighted flush of desire, you can experiment and play with the three
color intensities, wearing them alone or blending together to create
different looks. The Cheek Trio also includes makeup artist Victoria’s
Down’s cheeky looks, techniques, and backstage secrets, and is
seductively packaged in a velvet keepsake pouch, to hold your own little

3 x 0.08 Artist Shadow blush in I-526, I-808, S-748 
Travel Precision blush brush in 150
Exclusive keepsake pouch

A limited-edition collection inspired by the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, MAKE UP FOR EVER brings you behind the scenes to discover the film’s movie makeup secrets. 

“I used MAKE UP FOR EVER every day on the Fifty Shades of Grey
set. As a professional makeup artist, I try more than 100 products
before I find the right one. I consistently go back to MAKE UP FOR EVER
products because of the quality, range of colors, and superior
blendability. It’s made with the pros in mind so you can expect
performance and quality for everyday wear as well.”—Victoria Down, Head
of Makeup Department/Fifty Shades of Grey


Anyone who knows me, or has read the blog before knows I LOVE blush! Blush is probably my most coveted beauty product; I find it to be the single most affective way to add youthfulness and brightness to your face and skin. I remember being in high school and my mum would say “you look great, but you’ve got on a little too much rouge” and she would motion around her cheeks lol. I can’t remember exactly, but I may or may not have applied more before heading to school. I suppose it was my act of defiance as a “rebellious teenager”, but to my mothers credit she’s absolutely gorgeous and rarely ever wears anything more than lipstick. 

I first stumbled on this box set while I was in Sephora picking up a gift for a friend (the HD Pressed Powder), and I immediately adored this box set! I just think it’s so cute. I’m a sucker for brilliant packaging and I just love the velvet bag that come inside, as well as the application brush that you could easily take with you (so you’re perfectly flushed on the fly). I think this box set would make a really great gift for Valentine’s Day 🙂 The colors are great and can be mixed together to create a very complimentary shade. 
True to the Makeup Forever brand, the blush shades are beautiful in color, and I love the idea of having a palette to be able to mix the colors together, or to use them separately depending on your mood (or outfit).
My only real qualm about this product is that I find the color a little difficult to lift off the palette with the brush provided. The brush is great, however, for the highlighting shade, and I think that’s probably what I would continue to use it for. I like a super saturated look (as my mother would confirm), so I find the best way to get a lot of color is to use my fingers and smudge it on my cheeks and then blend out or just use a firm brush. It could just be me though I do like a significant amount of blush. But if you purchase this set don’t get discouraged if you’re not getting a lot of product right away; simply use the oils in your fingers to lift the product and apply it to your face or use a firmer brush :):) the colors are very pretty so I definitely think it’s worth it. 

Check out the photo below here I am wearing the two shades combined, as well as the highlighter, and some good old bronzer mixed in under neath the cheek bones and toward my hair line. I am also wearing in this photo the Makeup Forever liquid eye liner (which I am OBSESSED with).  This is the one I have (Makeup Forever Ink Liner) and this is completely off topic, but I love how it doesn’t smudge, but it’s easy to get off.

WHERE TO BUY: Get it online here, or at your local Sephora 

Hope you found this review helpful. 

Happy Thursday, 
x Short Presents


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