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So we all know we should spend our money wisely, and admittedly some of us are better at is than others! If you’re not really sure where to save and where to splurge this post might help you. Being given the chance to win 50 bucks to get you started at the mall can’t hurt either right? 

In partnership with the Halifax Shopping Centre I put together these two Save and Splurge pairing of items for their newsletter and their website. These items were hand picked by me in the mall, and put together to help you spend your money (wiser).

The first pairing I put together were these great jeans from Banana, and this adorable blouse from Smart Set (I mean how cute right?). I LOVE this look, and it’s totally something you would see me wearing. I love the double duty of both items, and how you can take them right into Spring with you. 

I’ve also had my eye on a pair of vintage inspired sneakers like these for a LONG time. And since most of the ones I’ve found online jcrew (I’m looking at you) are sold out I’m super excited to see them in stores. So if you’re feeling kind of sporty (or maybe you want to feel motivated with your new years resolutions (or intentions as I like to call them) this Save and Splurge is for you. 

Do you want to splurge on yourself? Or maybe a loved on? Well you’re in luck because Halifax Shopping Centre and I are giving away a $50 gift card to one lucky local Short Presents reader! Here’s how you enter.
Follow @shortpresents on instagram, twitter, and facebook
Tweet or post a photo of something in the Halifax Shopping Centre that you would like to splurge on for yourself and/or someone else. 
Tag me @shortpresents with the hashtag #spsplurge

*Please make sure your profile is public
*Must live locally (Halifax NS).

Since this contest involves you getting into the mall this contest will run two weeks!

Good luck! 
x Short Presents

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