While the men in our lives might not spend as much as we do on our skin and hair care products they definitely still do use them (even if they don’t want to admit it). I mean they want to look and smell good too, so I’ve round up some ideas to help get you started. 

Fragrances are pretty much a go-to for any gifting season. There’s something about hopping out of a hot shower that makes you just want to spritz on some cologne. It just kind of makes you feel like you kind of feel like you go your act together you know? 
The”Dark Rebel” fragrance, recently launched in Septebmer 2015 is “inspired by the designer’s return to Detroit, intended
for rebellious men who think outside the conventional framework,
individuals who march to the beat of their own drum and are not
followers. It is advertised by the slogan “From Darkness Comes Light.” 
The composition is smoky, oriental – woody, with sweet tobacco mixed
with sensual, resinous woods. It opens with accords of Jamaican rum,
Cuban sugar cane, davana, cardamom and clary sage. The heart includes
black leather, fir resin, nutmeg, pepper and styrax. Akigala wood,
tobacco leaf, Mexican black vanilla, castereum, balmy wood and juniper
are in the base.
The Dark Rebel scent from John Varvatos is definitely a manly smell, but
not like old man old spice kind of smell you know? I actually quite like it, and of course the sleek black bottle fixed with a series of layered rubber bands is pretty eye catching. 
Available at Sephora $105
Because men’s hair tends to be more on the oily side it also can get pretty greasy from the use of products or working out etc. This clarifying shampoo from Live Clean is great to remove build up, and also helps prevent dandruff (which is another common complaint amongst men). 
What’s reallllyyyyyyy great about the Live Clean product is that it’s environmentally friendly and I promise he won’t smell like vinegar after. 
Live Clean products are available at most discount department stores ($6.99).
I honestly never know what kind of hair products to buy a guy. I mean is it just me or are they SUPER picky? These products from LA Coupe are little lower in price, so you can grab a few for your guy to test run until he find his favorite. 
LA Coupe products are available at most drug stores, and discount department stores ($ 6.99)
It can be tricky to get a guy to moisturize because if it takes more then two seconds they’re not into it. Biotherm makes some really amazing products in general, but their aquapower for men is really a step above. Not only does it smell great (nice masculine scent) it also absorbs very quickly, and doesn’t leave any kind of shine behind, so men don’t feel like they are wearing anything at all. 
If you plan accordingly you can often score a gift with purchase from Sears 🙂 so you can usually get some other great goodies to go along with it. I love this gentle eye roller that’s great for dudes who have big presentations, and maybe they were up late playing Metal Gear Solid, I mean planning for their big meetings of course. 
Biotherm Homme products are avaiable at Sears, and Shoppers Drug Mart. 

Hope you found these suggestions helpful! What are you getting for the men in your lives? I’m always open to hearing new ideas. Tweet me @shortpresents or comment below. 


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