Whenever you have a sorcerer and a magic well you know you’re in for a good time. When I found out that Vile Passeist was putting on “In The Telling”, as part of the Fringe Festival I knew I had to go!

With real world commentary, and pretty clever tricks: this play was pretty funny! I especially loved Kristi Anderson, her comedic delivery was not only hilarious it was believable. Rivaling one of my favorite SNL cast members, I think Anderson could seriously give Aidy Bryant a run for her money.  I fell into serious a fit a laughter when Danielle Doiron turned into a bear, and I wished that I could have brought an entire kindergarten class with me to the show because they would have adored this!

In all honesty the cast was pretty great all around! I can’t not mention their beautiful singing voices, and perfect harmonizing. Where did Vile Passeist find these girls? They sing like angels. It was beautiful. 


I love costumes okay I can’t help it! It probably the first thing I notice when watching a play, and I have to say that Dan Bray knocked it out of the park for me. The various types of culottes were amazing, and also SO on trend right now! Whether this was on purpose or not he made sure to work them in a way that still fit with the play! I loved how the simple addition of a cape transformed the characters into their various roles. Well done Sir. 
Although the Fringe Festival is over now I would invite you to check it out next year, and also check out Vile Passeist! The Fringe Festival tickets are SO affordable, and there are so many shows that there’s got to be something there for you.  Make sure to stay tuned to Vile Passeist they have a show coming up in November at The Bus Stop Theatre; await information on Gallathea here.
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