Spring Forward to the Past

Fashion Friday: Pastels 

Don’t let the blues of January get you down; pop on some pretty pastels they are sure to give you a lift.  

January and February are arguably the most difficult months of the year. With the rush of Christmas, and the lack of sunlight through the winter you might be feeling a little burnt out. There exists an entire psychology behind color and our mood, and I honestly believe we are affected by our environment and we can easily be manipulated. I’m not saying that a pastel shirt will cure your broken heart, but at least you can look great while it mends.
Recently I was redecorating my washroom, and I spent some time in Bed Bath and Beyond and the brightly colored towels caught my eye. I picked one up that resembled more of a blanket than a towel and said how could you ever have a bad day if you started it out by wrapping yourself in a big fluffy yellow towel? So then I got to thinking hey, maybe we should apply this same logic to clothing. Could clothing help lift our mood?

Pastels offer a classic yet graceful look, and when done right you can look like a million bucks. When wearing pastels it looks best if you keep the other pieces in the same color family, so pair pastels with other pastels then throw in a neutral or better yet some denim. I’m in love with a tone-on-tone look, so layer up the creams, the baby pinks and hopefully it will take away your January blues at least enough to hold you over until February. 


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