$150 to spend in downtown Halifax and GO! 

I always love
participating in Big Day Downtown! I think anything that gets us out
there and experiencing our amazing city is a great idea. So with $150
burning a hole in my pocket I sought out the the advice of none-other then my lovely followers,
and hit the interwebs hard! 
had no idea what people were going to suggest, but the suggestions were
both thoughtful and kind. From everything from fro-yo, shopping, dinning downtown, to fortune tellers, to comics; the possibilities were endless!

Despite these amazing suggestions I decided to give myself a much need
afternoon of relaxation. I’m not sure if you know this blog reader, but I
am a very busy individual.  From working a full time gig at the
hospital, to working with Stylelist Canada, Kitchen Daily Canada, Fashion Magazine,
Flare Magazine, and finally maintaining my little baby
Shortpresents.com and all the responsibilities that comes with along
with it. And up until recently I was also teaching dance classes, and
babysitting the most clever little 11 year old boy on a weekly basis, so
needless to say I’m pretty pooped, and probably nearing a good burn
out.  Did I mention that I also have to move at the end of the month?

With great success comes great responsibility right? But what I’ve come to learn is that in order to be good to others, you must also be good to yourself. Now you’re probably thinking my life seems pretty great right? And it is, no question, but it also takes a lot of work, sacrifice, and effort to keep this whole operation going.  Now I don’t want you to think for a second that I am not grateful; I am so so so so SO grateful, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t need to give myself a break everyone once in a while (which admittedly I’m not very good at doing). So instead of doing something wild and crazy I’m going to take the suggestion of those close to me, and I’m going to take this day to catch up on some much needed R&R.

Cue Spirit Spa Halifax! Anyone who reads Shortpresents.com or follows me on instagram @shortpresents knows I adore this place, so it’s definitely not a place that I’ve not visited before (see this previous post from when I donated my hair
with Spirit Spa). But I’ve not had a facial from them before, and I’ve been meaning to for SO long! To make the most of my visit I opted for a 45 minute massage, and I was booked with Brinlee (who is amazing go see her), and following my massage I received the “super sweet facial” which is completely customizable to your skin type and concerns.

I hope that you don’t find this post boring because
I thought about doing a hula hoop class, and I’ve thought about doing a
beer sampling, but in all honesty blog reader I’m exhausted and I’m in
much need of some kindness, and it’s gotta start with me.

I’m hope there are some workaholics out there that can sympathize with me, and I’m going to challenge you to do the same! Be selfish! And take care of you because if you don’t no one else will (except for Spirit Spa go see them! They’ll do you good. I promise).

Major thank you to the Downtown Halifax Business Commission for allowing me to participate in this great initiative. I’m happy to report that I had an excellent time at Spirit Spa, and my skin looks ah-mazing today which is just in time for some back-to-back events that I’m attending tonight! So stay tuned for some fresh faced photos coming soon! Want to give someone else this same experience you can purchase a prepaid visa card for Downtown Halifax by going here.

Thanks for reading!
xx Short Presents

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