Bacardi Festival Libre
photo source: Haligonia
Bacardi hosted a Cuban inspired event outside at The Lower Deck. Before
the event kicked off for the public media and VIP guests were invited
to participate in enjoying some Cuban food, salsa dancing, and of course
some Bacardi cocktails.  

place outside at The Lower Deck’s waterfront space, we were quickly
greeted by the gorgeous ladies in long black dresses and red lipstick.
Provided with a little red carnation upon our arrival we placed them in
our hair and assumed our roles (I ended up even wearing mine to Diner en
Blanc after).

Festival Libre event was really quite fun, and everyone there had a lot
of energy. Minus the weather (cloudy of course) I felt like I was back
in Cuba again. Even while taking sips of my rum cocktail I felt like I was back on the beach; from Mojitos to beverages served directly out of pineapples
we were instantly transported.

some time passed and everyone filled their bellies with the delicious
food and drinks there were some performances by some authentic Cuban
dancers is their full on traditional dress. In true Cuban fashion it was
a lot of fun, and even a little cheeky. Once the girls finished their
performance guest were invited to join in.

of course when there’s music playing I can’t stay still, so while I was
sipping on my cocktail I was immediately pulled to perform a little
routine with the other guests! It was really fun, and the photo above should attest. 

What to see more? check out this video from Haligonia 

Thanks so much for having us, and teaching me some new moves!

x Short Presents 

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