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When I received an email making me aware that Makeup Forever was launching their Summer colors I was more than willing to accept some products to sample. With Summer weather on the cusp a pink lip gloss is more than welcomed in my makeup kit. 

I really like Makeup Forever products, and I’ve tried a few different products you can read about those here, and here. So it isn’t any news that I have tried this product before, but the ones I tried previously were shades of red for Winter, so trying the pink with the liner was a new adventure for me. 

I have to be honest I’ve never really used a lip liner before, but I’ve watched enough RachhLoves videos to know what to do. I applied the liner and made sure to blend it into the inner parts of my lips to make sure that my lips were well coated and not just “lined”. I really liked the liner I think it went on really nicely, matched the actual color of the lipstick well, and it stayed on too which is nice. I think I might actually use a lip liner more often now that I see how much it helps with precision.

The aqua rouge lip color product from Makeup Forever is available in 17 different shades, the newest ones for Summer are Fuchsia(#16), Baby Pink (#20), Pomegranate (#19), and Bright Orange (#17). Today I am reviewing the Baby Pink shade (#20)

The aqua rouge lip color is two products in one, one side is the pigmented color, and the other is a high gloss finish. The lip color or lipstick portion goes on very easily (almost has a velvety matte finish), and the color is very opaque. It doesn’t dry out my lips which is a nice surprise because a lot of longwear or “waterproof” products are very drying. I do always make sure to apply some lip blam (like my eos) before all lipstick applications anyways. 

When applying make sure to leave the color set for about a minute or so to dry before you add the gloss (if you want to). I might have mentioned this before, but I quite like the foam wand for application. I find the small tip is really great for those highly precise places like the peaks of the upper lip or the “cupid’s bow”; I have a super teeny upper lip, so having something that is smaller definitely works best for me.

The product is marketed as a long wear lip color, and I have to say it does hold up quite well (and while eating too). You might need to reapply just a bit to inner parts of your lips if you’ve been consuming a lot of liquids (as I often do), but other than that this product does not budge much at all. To remove the lip color (at the end of the day) simply use some makeup remover on a cotton pad because it’s probably about the only way this stuff is going to budge.

One of the things I did not like about this product was this particular shade. I have naturally very dark pink lips, and so anything too light looks kind of pornstareque on me. I usually shy away from light shades of pink and/or nude lipsticks because of this, but if I really want to I can get around this by appling a foundation to my lips prior to the lipstick and/or lipgloss however. Which is what I would do with this lip color if I wore it in the future. If you have darker lips (like me) I would probably go for the Fuchsia or the Pomegranate shade, as it would probably match more closely with your natural lip color. A great trick when picking out lip colors is to take your thumb and your middle finger and using your thumb apply a little bit pressure to the tip of your finger, and the color that your finger turns with the applied pressure is very close to your natural lip color. If you apply a lip color to your finger you should be able to see how your lip gloss with look once applied on your lips! 
 In the photo below I used the aqua rouge #20 as a base and then applied my Lancome Juicy Tube “coral crush” over top, as it adds a slightly darker pigment that is more closer to my natural lips. I would totally use this product again, but only as a base for myself. If you have darker lips like me opt for a darker shade of pink to negate this issue. The product its self is great it’s just the color that was off for me.

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Hope this product review was helpful for you on your lip gloss hunts! If you have any requests please let me know and I will try my best to accomodate.

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PS: Also I would like to add that as I suspected I am currently loving Make Up Forever’s  Velvet Finish Compact Powder for Summer while my skin is a little more oily! During the Winter it was a bit heavy for my dry skin, but for Summer it’s a win! 

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