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Recently The Body Shop launched this great locker room inspired shower and spritz combo pack, and I’ve put a very reliable (and manly) source to the task of trying it out for you. Here’s what we’ve got to say.
The White Musk Sport Trio from The Body Shop ($45) includes: 
Eau de Toilette
Antiperspirant Deodorant
Hair And Body Wash  
I love the idea of this kit being toted along with you in your gym bag.
The two-in-one body wash and shampoo is perfect for the gym because you
don’t have to bring two separate products, and also because you’re probably limited on time too, so having the two products together is very clever and time efficient.
Also the fragrance of the body wash/ shampoo is not overpowering and nor does
the scent linger very long either which we think is a positive given the axe
epidemic of 2004. Typically having two products in one usually means that neither
one performs very well in its own right, but when it comes to showering
after the gym really anything that makes it easier is a win.

We both looooooved the fragrance, which I am honestly surprised about because I anticipated that I wouldn’t like it, and
it’s not that I don’t like the fragrances from the Body Shop because they are usually great, but it’s
just that I’m very very picky about male fragrances. The White Musk
fragrance was like I said very fresh and very clean, and for sure the
stand out in this package. I think the price of the combo pack is worth
it just for this item alone.

Given that this is sport inspired pack of course it would include a
deodorant, and when you are working out who doesn’t need a deodorant?
Especially boys I mean (no offense but you know how smelly you get) and
having one where its scent matches your bodywash and cologne only makes
! I think once you start mixing smells you really can go overboard
and they aren’t always complimentary to each other. I totally support the idea of streamlining your scented products.

Overall we loved this kit! And I loved that this kit was no-fuss basics
for what you or your man needs for the gym (or after). The scent is fresh and clean, and if you’re athletic this is a major win.  For more gift ideas for yourself or the men in your life head on over to The Body Shop.

Hope you found this review helpful, 
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