What exactly is cold brew and why all the fuss about it? Naturally if
there’s some kind of trend surrounding coffee I have to get to the
bottom of it. Curious about cold brew or how to make it? Take a look
inside this post.

Cold brew coffee isn’t simply just coffee that’s been brewed, and then
chilled, nor is it the watered down variety you get a most fast food chains. It’s actually a concentrated coffee that’s brewed cold just as it’s name suggests.  Yep
that’s right no coffee pot or kettle needed, but how does it work exactly? and what does it taste like? Well let me tell you….
Cold brew coffee is brewed over an extended period of time, and the process actually helps to create a smooth and less bitter brew which makes is great if you’re like me and you drink it black (or you’re trying to cut back on sugar). 
I will warn you that this process does require patience as it will take a minimum of 12 hours to brew and it’ll taunt you each time you look at it, but trust me it makes a large batch, and because it’s actually stronger than traditional coffee (higher in caffeine) you need less of it to get a jolt.  
Want to get started? here’s all you need to know!


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