If you are craving something a little bit salty and something with a crunch, popcorn is definitely the way to go! Recently I had the opportunity to give Popcorn Indiana’s Olive Oil Fit Popcorn a test and here’s the scoop.

immediately whenever I’m about to try a new food for the first time I
scope out the nutritional information (I know I’m a dork, but whatever I’m self aware so I’m cool with it), and the things I look for are: predominantly natural ingredients, low sugar, low sodium, high fibre, good fats etc. 

Immediately on the packaging I noted that Popcorn Indiana’s Fit Popcorn
All natural
Gluten free (bonus for toting to parties) 
Non-GMO (important when it comes to corn)
Contained zero
trans fat

At 40 calories a serving this popcorn makes a great snack!  What I like about this popcorn
is that you can have a nice serving without worrying that you’re over
doing it. The nutritional information on the bag is based on a serving
size of 3 cups of popcorn; which is quite a good sized serving, so you’ll definitely feel satisfied. Just remember that 40 calories doesn’t constitute low fat, but I take comfort in knowing the fat comes from a good fat such as Olive Oil rather than something else. 

Which brings me to my next point, I love the simplicity of the ingredients. I know them−I can pronounce them−and this is a win in my books.  One
really cool suggestion for this company would be to make the large bag
resealable, as to lock in freshness, as well as encourage its consumers
that they don’t need to eat the entire bag and thus reinforce proper
portion control.

only real qualm (which it really isn’t a qualm so much as a preference) would be that although it’s sea salt, I do wish it was a
little less salty (although I realize that I am probably alone in this request).  Usually
you want to aim for about 5% sodium per serving, but I realize that this
can be tricky to do with store bought foods, while also appealing to peoples’ taste. But anyways a girl can dream right? Just make sure to drink a
lot of water, and reduce your sodium intake in other incidents where
ever possible. That being said if you’re craving something a little salty this is
definitely a great option because it’s sodium is from a natural source
(sea salt rather than MSG for instance).

Bottom line, I really liked the popcorn, and I really appreciated the natural ingredients, as well as the simplicity of them. I’m definitely pro Non-GMO. In all honesty this is probably the closest you are going to get to a natural popcorn (other than making it yourself from scratch), so for convenience sake I give it my stamp of approval.  
You can find this popcorn in major grocery and health food stores across Canada such as, Loblaws, Sobey’s, IGA, Shopper Drug Mart, and I’ve even spotted a Honey Dijon version it at Winners.
Hope you found this review helpful! 
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