Are you looking to lean out for summer? It’s been said that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise, and you can’t have one without the other. You can’t out exercise a bad diet, and you can build muscle without the right nutritional support. Here are 10 foods that will help you slim down for summer! 

all know that when it comes to slimming down carbs can be a bugger. Try
swapping out your white pasta or rice for broccoli in the weeks coming
up to summer, and you’ll notice a drastic difference in bloating and
energy levels. White pasta reacts like sugar in your body, so when you
eat white carb you will get a burst of energy, but you crash shortly
after, and most likely seek something sugary again. Try cooking your
broccoli with nutritional yeast (fortified with B12) for a cheesy flavor
without all the added fat.


seeds expand in liquid so they are great to fill you up. Just be
careful at first because they are gas forming, so to avoid a bloated
belly start small and work your way up. Chia seeds boast 20% protein,
and the protein is a complete protein with all 8 essential amino acids.
Chia seeds contain five times more calcium than milk, and thus will help
support those bones during weight lifting at the gym.  Try this great No Cook Overnight Oats recipe


in fat (a good fat) almonds or nuts in general (in small quanties) are
probably the MOST healthy food you can eat. Full of protein they will
keep you fuller longer, and they also rev up your metabolism, so not
only will you not snack on junk later you’ll also continue to burn
calories after. Studies show that people who consume nuts are actually
slimmer than ones who don’t. Make sure to purchase the raw variety
because when you heat nuts you’ll actually release a bad fat, so its
best to keep them in their natural state! Enjoy a small handful when
you’re in between meals, or chop and sprinkle on your Greek Spice &
Olive Oil marinated salmon before you toss it into the oven.

read that when you consume 3 cups of green tea it is equivalent to
burning 80 calories. High in antioxidant catechins green tea helps speed
metabolism and fat burning, and bonus green tea can lower Cholesterol.
Make sure to avoid drinking it with milk, as you will cancel out all
it’s lovely antioxidant properties. Skip the sugar too please! If you
need a little something try adding honey or some lemon.  Enjoy hot or cold! I love the Green Tea (w/ matcha) available at Cost-co.

(5) PEARS 
in fiber pears are great for filling you up.  Containing pectin fiber,
which decreases
blood-sugar levels, helping you avoid between-meal snacking. I love
d’anjou pears, and if possible try to get organic so you can enjoy the
benefits of the fiber rich skin too. Toss one in your morning green
smoothie (Try this “Green Machine Smoothie” recipe here). 

high in fat, but how your body metabolises this fat is much different
than how it consumes foods like margarine and/or butter. Sent straight
to the liver from the digestive tract they are either directly used for
energy or turned into ketone bodies. Coconut oil can also stand very
high heat, so it’s great for cooking veggies or chicken! Use your olive oil for tossing salads, or served on top of cooked quinoa, but stick to coconut oil for anything on the stove top.


those mid-afternoon sugar slumps by sprinkling cinnamon in your coffee
or in some high protein yogurt. Studies suggest that a quarter teaspoon
of cinnamon a day lowers the blood sugar,
cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in people with type 2 diabetes.
Can’t hurt right? I also toss cinnamon in a lot of my smoothie recipes
for that added metabolism and memory boost: try this “Metabolism Boosting Smoothie

you consume vinegar with a meal you slow your digestion, and stabilize
your blood sugar! You’ll feel more full than if you hadn’t consumed the
vinegar. I love balsamic vinager I think I could drink it out of the
bottle, I love mixing it with olive oil, salt and pepper, and a pinch of
oregano then adding it to salads or roasted veggies.

main downfall is potato chips and although I do enjoy them when it gets
closer to summer and/or I’m gearing up for a specific event that I want
to look my best I tend to steer clear of the potato chips. Because I
LOVE something with a crunch I find snap peas are the perfect
substitute. Bonus they are  heart healthy, high in fiber, low in
calories and good for your immune

(10) QUINOA 

admit that most “gluten free” foods are a farce, but I like the idea of
eating naturally gluten free foods because mostly this means that what
you are eating is not highly processed or packaged. I love quinoa
as a pasta/rice substitute because it has a low glycemic index meaning
it won’t spike your blood sugar. Whether you’re a diabetic or not these
highs and lows can still wreak havoc on your mood and energy levels.
High in B12 (will give you energy), and will keep you fuller longer
quinoa is great when tossed in salads for lunch, and equally great as a
side dish with some baked fish for dinner. Invest in a rice cooker, and
simply add double water to quinoa (it’s a joke to cook this stuff). Try
this Spicy Tomato Sauce w/ Ground Chicken served over quinoa.

Whether you’re at a healthy weight or not all of these foods are a great addition to any diet. Remember that weight loss isn’t about restricting it’s just about eating better. Once you familarize yourself with the foods that are actually better for you, you’ll realize that you can actually eat more rather than less. High proteins, healthy fats, and a lot of veggies these are the things you want to focus on and make sure are included each of your meals.
Hope you enjoyed today’s post! 
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    Snap peas are the best snack. So yummy!

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