It’s Cool To be Warm

There’s nothing better than a cozy scarf wrapped around you on a cold day 
Fashion Friday: Knit Wear

Old Man Winter is certainly making his presence known here in Halifax Nova Scotia. Over the last couple days; drastically dropping temperatures and heeps of snow have overwhelmed the Halifax peninsula. Luckily this winter it is cool to stay warm; with all the fabulous warm winter accessories out there you better layer it on while you still can. Grab your hats ladies and gents and mix and match everything you own; the more patterns and color the better. 

I’ve personally taken a liking to headbands; my hair creates enough static electricity to probably power a light bulb, but with a headband you can keep your pony and your ears still stay warm.

Layer layer layer. I often wear several scarves at the same time, and then I still end up eventually donating half of them because I can’t possibly wear them all. I think you my friends could make some pretty amazing things! 
Don’t just think scarves and mittens, there are so many different knit pieces you can wear and/or create. There are several new up and coming designers who have created entire collections of just knit wear, from cropped sweaters to scandalous bustiers. 

Check out this fabulous sweater Andy is sporting: 

You can also make your own lovely knits for a fraction of the price. Theres a great place downtown Halifax that sells oodles of different kinds of yarns, in all kinds of textures. 
The Loop on Barrington street offers workshops for the experienced to even the extremely challenged of knitters. You can also learn how to spin your own yarn! So neat. 

Spotted on “The Loop” website, I love this fabulous “Melagash Square Shawl” it just looks so cozy, and comfortable, and with all that lace detail it some how still upscales a the 1960s poncho. 

If you love this, you can purchase a kit to make it yourself at The Loop, it comes in a three colors, AND it’s local! I would love to take up knitting some day, as the thought of having something occupy my hands really sends pockets in dresses to shame. However, I’m nearly hopeless when it comes to knitting; my mother can knit hats, scarves you name it, in a matter of hours, while I’m still fumbling with the needles to try to not knit upside, and backwards. This is not to discourage you from giving it a go, my mother loves to knit and so I have hats, and scarves galore and so can you.

Play around with decorating your knitted items with interesting buttons and beading. These buttons were “borrowed” from my step dads shirt, but before you go stealing your dads buttons make sure you ask him first. Or you could go to Micheals Craft Store and purchase some; they have some really neat stuff. 

Check out the loop, and if you get crafty send me some links or pics to shortpresents@gmail.com

Happy Friday, 

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