Lunches are arguably one of trickiest meals to plan I feel like we put a lot of effort into our breakfast smoothies, and we kill it with dinner (usually), but lunch often ends up being the last thing on our list, and it’s usually some kind of mushy left overs or a hodgepodge of ingredients thrown together last minute. This salad is kind of like that,  BUT it’s much better for you. 

When I’m trying to be good (which comes and goes) I try to have a big salad for lunch because it’s the easiest way to get in a lot of veggies while also filling up. I’ve been eating this salad for lunch for quite some time, and I only really switch it up with these little rice cake sandwiches (recipe here). 
Planning ahead is probably one of BEST ways to stay on track with your eating. If you plan on eating a salad you’re much less likely to get swayed by something else because you spent all that time making that GD salad you’re going to eat it gosh darn it.  Plus this one is SO good I promise you blog reader you won’t want whatever your neighbor is having.
You can make a couple at a time, but you don’t want to make too many at a time (maybe no more than two) because they can get a little wilty, and if you add avocado it does turn brown pretty quick. 
Okay here’s what I toss in, but you can throw in any veg you like, or even fruit! You could totally add some berries or apples to this salad or even left over quinoa! I get a lot of the stuff at Cost Co (spinach, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, chicken) so it’s pretty easy to get through the week.
grape tomatoes 
shredded cheese 
raw almonds
raw (unsalted) pumpkin seeds 
pre cooked grilled chicken 
1/4 avocado
For a salad dressing I literally just toss olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of oregano and salt and pepper in a mason jar and shake it up! The salt and pepper is really important to help the oil and vinegar to emulsify, but feel free to experiment with how you like your dressing (I like mine a little sour so I add more vinegar).  You don’t need much, but it’s much better than store bought versions that contain WAY too much sugar and usually preservatives. 
I use the same glass containers and I’m pretty sure they could hold a liter of water lol but that just means that’s a heck of a lot of veggies in there, and I am A OK with that. I always feel full, and I’m usually good until I get off work and can have a snack. 
My lunch is kind of running joke with the ladies I work with. I couldn’t even begin to count the amount of times people commneted on my lunch saying that my salad was bigger than me. While I am definitely biffer than my lunch I can appreciate that my salad is pretty big (Elaine from Seinfeld would be proud), but because it’s basically all veggies I can eat as much of it as I want.
I know this isn’t a recipe per say, but so many people have been asking me about what I eat for lunch and this is it guys! A big salad! 

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