Bengt Jörgen’s interpretation of the timeless classic ‘Romeo and Juliet’ has won international recognition and critical acclaim. Showcased in major cities and communities across Canada, the United States, China, and even Hong Kong; I was honored to have the pleasure of attending another Ballet Jorgen production.

Joining Symphony Nova Scotia for Shakespeare’s tragic story of two star crossed lovers in a beautifully crafted silent rendition of ‘Romeo and Juliet. While Symphony Nova Scotia filled our ears with beautifully executed live music the luxurious and lavish costumes and cheeky humor allowed the first half of the performance to shock and awe its Halifax audience.
Photograph by Charlene McIntosh, 2013
Bold pillars stood tall while sheets of delicate fabric lent a romantic air. A simplistic yet beautiful set transformed the Rebecca Cohn stage to a far off distant time and we were happy to come along for the ride.  With not a single tutu in sight the creatively crafted costumes designed by Annapolis Royal’s Gary Dahms are definitely worth mentioning. From long draping velvet robes to soft delicate lace and slip-dresses, the costumes did well to capture the characters and their role within the performance.
Intimate and warm the choreography left me longing for a certain dramatic flare. The choreography was performed with exquisite accuracy and grace, but lacked the passion and intensity I anticipated from the Shakespearean play. While the latter part of the Shakespearean play is where things really get interesting I believe perhaps my hopes were high for the ballet as well. Feeling like a piece of theatre, Ballet Jörgen’s take on Shakespeare’s timeless tale of love, anguish, and revenge is a visual delight, but it really could have used more movement in the second half. I would have liked to have seen some of the controversial and creative elements from the first half follow through to the second. 
Overall the performance was beautiful and danced impeccably well. Every year you get better and better Ballet Jörgen I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. 
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