If you’re not a fan of wine, cheese, or chocolate you should probably stop reading this post right here right now because there’s nothing here for you.

Make your way through the bright lights of the casino and then up the stairs to the beautiful Schooner Room, and grab yourself a wine glass because you’re in for a delightful ride. With tables that line the perimeter, and additional tables in the center, this is not your typical cheese plate offerings.  Each table offers something different and equally creative.

The first portion of the evening offers expertly chosen wines combined with artfully created savory dishes allowing the students of NSCC’s culinary program to really showcase their skills. Using the perfect cheese pairings in their dishes to compliment their featured wine; everything balances and the tastes all play off each other in the perfect way. All working towards bringing you to that smooth harmonious finish. 
All of the dishes were spectacular and I think the students and chefs really worked hard to take this event to the next level. But the one I can’t stop thinking about is the ‘balsamic roasted peach pizza with buffalo mozzarella and mint’ prepared by students Megan Crossman and Katy Pye. As I mentioned to them at the event; I’d give them an A++  Sadly I do not have a photo of this one because I was too busy stuffing my face! (*I know bad blogger). 

The evening then switched to sweet wine and food pairings offering up French Fixe macarons, Middle Spoon mini cheesecakes and raspberry truffles (two bottom photos), and donuts you name it. We made sure to make a stop at each and every table for a sample. Our favorite was by far the cream cheese ice cream (top right photo) with raspberries: it was pure genius. I never would have thought to put cream cheese with ice cream, but man of man it was good!

I  honestly couldn’t say one negative thing about the event, as it surpassed all my expectations and more. I had a lovely time touring around the different tables with my girl Mo from Miss Lion Hunter (visit her blog here). I do apologize for the quality of the photos, but if you know anything about
me you know I could never balance a big honkin’ camera, a plate of food
and a glass wine. I had to make sacrifices, and it wasn’t going to be
the food or wine 🙂

If you are not familiar with the The Savour Food & Wine Festival please take the time to educate yourself: you won’t regret it. The Savour Food and Wine Festival is a series of
unique events designed to showcase Nova Scotia’s finest restaurants,
wine and gourmet products. I mean how could you go wrong?

The festival is a series of promotional events designed to develop
off-season programs, create new business as well as showcase what
Halifax and Nova Scotia has to offer year-round. Read more about their future events here: eDining.ca 

As well if you’re into dinning out you should also check out the Dine Around event that’s going on in the city right now for the month of February. A group of restos are offering multiple course prix fixe menu’s of various price ranges from 25$, 35$ to 45$ per dinner. Dine Around allows restaurants to showcase an array of Nova Scotia product
and creativity at an attractive price. Book directly with participating
To find out which restos are participating visit this link: Done Around . Now that you’re plenty educated GO EAT SOMETHING ALREADY!!

Thanks so SO much for having me Savour Food and Wine; I had the most amazing time 🙂

Happy Thursday Blog Reader!
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