Lancôme recently launched their new dark spot corrector “Dream Tone”. Dream Tone is Lancôme‘s first customized skin tone correcting serum. Designed to correct dark spots, and imperfection while creating a look of uniformity I had a chance to test the product, and I’d like to share with you my results.

Lancôme‘s Dream Tone serum is available in 3 tailor-made serums to compliment your individual skin tone. Fair Skin Tone: DreamTone 1, Medium Skin Tone: DreamTone 2, Dark Skin Tone: DreamTone . Because my skin is rather fair I used the Dream Tone 1, and I’ve been using the product for probably about a month now. Here’s what I love about the product:
Instant ResultsIn a matter of days I noticed that my pores were smaller, I had reduction in redness (especially around my nose and cheeks), and my skin just looked bright and healthy and CLEAR! I’ve used a lot of products, and honestly this is my most favorite! Some people have been reporting that they’ve seen no change. I would suggest seeking a sample to see if it works for you, and then if you don’t see anything in a couple of days then it’s probably not going to work for you. You may also need a different level in which case you can seek assistance from a beauty adviser at your local cosmetic counter.
Reduced Acne After using the product over an extended period of time I noticed that the dream tone was actually working to clear up my current acne, as in preventing it from happening at all. I was really surprised that the dream tone helped calm my acne because the only thing that has actually worked for me before was proactive, and I’m not too fond of using it over an extended period of time because it REALLY dried out my skin.
Reduced Acne Scaring One of the most frustrating things about having adult acne isn’t that people think you’re still in high school; it’s that even when you don’t have acne you still have the acne scars. The dark spots under the skin create the appearance of acne even when you don’t have a break out. I rarely ever go without make up (I’m always wearing at least a tinted moisturizer) because of the scars on my chin (cue hormonal acne). After using Lancôme‘s Dream Tone I can honestly say that the spots have drastically dulled.
Easily Incorporated Into My Beauty Routine I found success with applying it at night just right before bed. It obviously has some sort of exfoliating properties, so naturally you might get a little dryness, but I use Biotherm’s aqua source in the morning (before applying makeup), and so I didn’t notice any additional dryness (no where near what I experienced with Proactive – I used to have to alternate the proactive every second night because it was so harsh on my skin).
Honestly I cannot say enough about this product I’m obsessed! If you’re looking to get your hands on some and you live locally in Halifax be sure to visit Krissy at the Lancôme counter at Sears! She’ll take great care of you especially if you are not sure which serum is right for you. 

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