vino e formaggio

I once met this wino who was eating grapes and I was like “dude you have to wait!”

I may or may not have visited the liquor store over the holidays, and while I was there I wondered aimlessly around the store taking it all in. Wondering what to get, I thought: the usual gin ? pinot grigio? I’ve pretty much exhausted every Italian white the NSLC has to offer.

I felt like something different and I think I wore it on my face because the NSLC employee asked me if I needed a hand and I gladly accepted. He asked me some questions, and quickly decided on this bottle of red. I put full trust in his hands and I didn’t purchase anything else. He assured me that they hardly were able to keep it on the shelf, and at 10 dollars a bottle I figured: what the heck I’ll take the gamble. It’s like he read my mind; look out Boira you might have some competition. I fell hard for the black label, and recently purchased another bottle. Spotted taking another bottle off the shelf: he says “Oh you must have like it”. Bashfully I nod in agreement “I did, thank you”.

Vino I’ll meet you anytime you want to in our Italian restaurant.

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