Menswear Trends For Fall 2012

regular posting to explore an additional topic: Menswear. I’ve often
dabbled with this idea, but always quickly tossed it because I just wasn’t sure I had the audience. So when a
friend posted that they wanted a male version of my post last week “Favorite Fall Trends” I was ecstatic and immediately rose to the challenge.

When it comes to
menswear I cannot stress this enough, but it really is about FIT. You
want your clothes close to your body, but not too close that you get
puckering or tugging. You might want to embrace finding a good
respectable tailor. Men you come in all shapes and sizes, and us ladies
love that, but it wouldn’t kill you to spend the extra 10 dollars or so
on hemming your pants, or shortening the arm length of your suit jacket
so that your shirt is exposed just a bit (PS: love this look). 

Luscious Leather
We all know Ryan Gosling can rock a leather jacket like nobody’s business, and I love a black leather jacket and Ryan Gosling’s style for that matter. But I would encourage you men out there to try exploring other leathers like rich brown, burgundy, hunter green, and even caramels that have just a slight hint of orange. 

Try incorporating leather (even faux) in your life by adding a leather jacket, slight leather accents, detailing on clothing, gym bags/tablet
covers or as simple as driving gloves. I love these gloves from H&M (photo below) and they are so inexpensive! Certainly as easy addition right?

Photo c/o H&M

Getting back to basics and simplicity. Take it easy with the elaborate buttons and zippers fellas and opt for clean lines instead. I love oxford shirts with chinos (especially in hunter green and mustard yellow). You could also take it one step further and layer on a simple knit jumper like the one below from Ben Sherman. Also it wouldn’t hurt you to tuck in your shirt once in a while! (just sayin’).

Photo c/o ASOS
Photo c/o ASOS
Photo c/o Ben Sherman

Beat Up Winterized Boots
I love the reassurance of the grunge trend from the 90s that we are seeing a lot of lately. Causal easy going style I like it! And here’s the kicker they will actually keep your feet warm and dry (as long as they are sealed) during the cold and wet winter months (BONUS). Tuck them in or wear with narrow cuffed pants. Just make sure the pants aren’t too flared because you don’t want to look like you are waiting for a flood.

Photo c/o GQ
Photo c/o GQ
Photo c/o GQ

Cuffed Pants And Exposed Socks
If you watch Dr. Who at all you are plenty familiar with this look. I’m actually warming up to the cuffed pant look; I was reluctant at first, but as long as it is done right I think it’s great. If you aren’t sure please see this video: How to wear cuffed pants. I love this look when paired with a great pair of boots, and/or oxfords. 

So that concludes my first menswear post! Check back next Monday to see what kind of other shenanigans I can get myself into with exploring menswear. For now pop over to Pinterest and check out my menswear board!

Ta ta for now, 
Short Presents! 

**All photos were graciously borrowed from Google if not otherwise noted.

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    Ok now I am most definitely going to ask you to write a guest post for me 🙂 I like the weathered boots here – here in Austin everyone seems to have great boots so my eyes are always drawn to the feet. Some great examples of boots done well in this post.


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