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With some lime and coconut trick yourself into thinking you are doing something bad with this cocktail inspired smoothie! With tonight being New Year’s Eve it’s probably a good idea to do a little predetoxing (yeah that’s not a word) before your big night! And this delicious (probiotic filled) smoothie will get your body fueled and ready while also giving your stomach a little breather before you tie one on!

When it comes to staying on track it’s all about tricks. Our brain is really an amazingly brilliant organ, but sometimes it’s also really very stupid. When it comes to eating that is. See the thing is when we eat something it doesn’t really matter to our brain how much we’ve consumed so long as we’ve consumed it. You’d be surprised how easy it is to trick your brain into feeling satisfied. It takes a bit longer for the taste buds because those you could have been messing with for a long time, so consider them a working progress say if for instance you’ve been trying to ween yourself off sugar etc.

Okay you caught me. There’s no alcohol in this smoothie, but it is
delicious AND it’s good for you! Inspired by a favorite cocktail, the
margarita this smoothie packs a lot of flavor! And bonus no hangovers!

I used Almond milk here which some might find strange because I also used yogurt, but I prefer the taste and texture of almond milk over cows milk so that’s just what I have on hand. You can always use which ever kind of milk you prefer!  You can also very easily make this recipe vegan by using coconut water for flavor 🙂 along with vegan protein powder.

*Individual Serving 

Almond Milk Original (use just enough to cover the blender blade)1 TBS lime juice
1 100g container of Coconut Greek Yogurt
1.5 cups of frozen mango (run under cold water to slightly thaw)
Top with shredded coconut and a lime wedge garnish (optional)


Starting with the almond milk, pour enough to cover the blade, and then add the yogurt, lime juice, and mangoes. Blend until smooth and top with shredded coconut, and garnish with a lime.

If you try this recipe please let me know! I’d love to hear if you liked it.

Happy Tuesday!
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