Summer trends 2015
One of my favorite trends right now are culottes, I mean how cool is it just to say “culottes”! They are super fun, and come in such an array of styles, but they can be a little intimidating.

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I’M WEARING> Culottes, Winners. Blouse, c/o Envy. Shoes, Vince Camuto via Town Shoes. Necklace, Beck and Boosh, c/o Tribe Jewelry. Sunnies, Black Market Vintage. Photos c/o Nancy Thomas, of Nancy Thomas Photography
The best way to approach culottes is the same way you would an a-line skirt. Culottes really aren’t that different! But because they do add volume you just want to make sure there’s enough space between where the pants end and your ankles. If you’re petite you might want to consider a pointy toed pump because it will elongate your leg.

While shopping in Winners before heading down south I was immediately smitten with this tropical printed pants, and at such a low price point I knew I had to give them a whirl. I actually ended up wearing them on the plane home from Mexico, and it seriously was the best decision! I love maxi dresses, but there isn’t as much movement in those (especially while flying) and they can tend to get a little warm. Wearing these pants honestly felt like the most socially acceptable way to wear pajamas in real life. Which of course, is ultimately is my #lifegoal. 

What do you think blog reader? Are you into this trend? Would you wear culottes? 
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Major thanks to Nancy Thomas, of Nancy Thomas Photography for these images! Find her on Facebook here.

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