My New Favorite Lunch Idea – “Gluten Free Egg Free Tuna Salad Sandwiches”

When you think of rice cakes you probably think either (a) they taste like Styrofoam or (b) they taste like eating air. Well let me assure you dearest blog reader I have learned a trick, and I have mastered the way of the rice cake! If you’re in the market for a high protein, source of omega 3, low carb, gluten free, egg free lunch or after school/work snack idea then today’s recipe is for you! Wow that’s a mouthful say that ten times fast! EEP!

What makes these sandwiches different is that you have to prepare them ahead of time, yep no last minute dashing out the door with this one folks sorry. Like all good things these puppies need time, but don’t fret because they are still super easy to put together. They just need time to sit in the refrigerator because it’s the tuna salad mixture in the center that allows the rice cakes to soften, and thus resembling a texture more familiar to us: bread. I love these little rice cake sandwiches and trust me I’ve eaten them a lot.  They are the closet thing I’ve found to eating an actual sandwich, but it’s low carb (yay!), and for those of you who can’t have gluten (or choose not to): they are gluten free! (double YAY!)

So you’re probably thinking I’ve lost my marbles because rice cake sandwiches aren’t exactly a typical Short Presents recipe post, BUT it is currently my new favorite gluten free lunch idea and I just HAD to share it with you dearest blog reader! For those of who have children I know how difficult it is to try to figure out new ideas for lunches, and so I thought this could be a good suggestion especially if your little peanut has a gluten intolerance which I know a lot of them do these days! For those of you who are parents you’ll be also happy to know that this recipe is egg free! Yep no mayo in this bad boy, so if your little tot (or his or her bestie) has an egg allergy you’re good to go! We like to be all inclusive here on Short Presents (at least when we can). Also for those of you who follow Weight Watchers guidelines, you’ll be happy to know that this recipe is not only delicious (and high protein I might add), but it’s also very little points! I know perfect right?

Now I have to admit that I can’t take allllllllll the credit for this genius idea because it’s absolutely due to one of my lovely coworkers (if you’re reading this right now you know you are XO!) She’s been bringing these little rice cake wonders to work for lunch for a while now, and one day (being the noisy person I am) I just had to ask her about it! Thanks so much for introducing me to this brilliant idea! You’re the best!

Recipe – Serves 2

These measurements are absolutely based on preference, so feel free to play around with the different ingredients and measurements. If you are mayo person go nuts, and add more of
each pickle juice and yogurt until you get your desired texture. For those who don’t like the taste of tuna so much you can add slightly more pickle juice, and this should help drown out the “fishy” flavor. You could also add some chopped up pickled jalapeno peppers and they should give your sandwich a good kick! I tend to use the plain rice cakes because I also like to eat them with almond butter and hemp hearts too, but you can absolutely use the White Cheddar or the Tomato Basil flavor. Honestly feel free to experiment here and please let me know what you come up with!


1 can of light tuna (packed in water), drained
1 TBS plain non-fat Greek yogurt or non-fat sour cream
1 TBS Low Sodium Pickle Juice (I usually eye ball this)
Handful of lettuce (chopped)
1 pickle, diced
Fresh cracked pepper to taste
4 plain rice cakes


Toss all ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly until all ingredients are combined. If you find your mixture is too dry try adding a little more pickle juice and/or yogurt.

Spread out some plastic wrap on your counter and place one rice cake on the plastic wrap and begin to assemble your first sandwich. I tend to use about half of the mix, so I really only can make two sandwiches, but I’m pretty skimpy on the “mayo”.  Finish by placing another rice cake on top, and cover the entire sandwich with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap tightly wound around the rice cakes helps to kind of smoosh the sandwich together.  This is what you want to happen because it’s the wetness from the tuna salad that will soften the rice cake thus giving you a soft bread-like texture.

Refrigerate your rice cake sandwiches over night and you’re lunch is ready to go with you in morning! I like
bringing an apple and some yogurt along with my GF sandwich! Sometimes I
get crazy and throw in treat or two! Come on you gotta live a little right?!

Happy Tuesday Blog Reader! 
If you live in Canada I hope you enjoy this 4 day work week!
Short Presents

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  • Reply Stephanie Koch October 17, 2013 at 3:59 am

    I had to comment on this because I am actually a rice cake fiend and I eat them on a very regular basis with tuna mixed with fat free cream cheese spread on top. Obviously a pickle or two and away we go into snack land. You have my vote haha.

    • Reply Short Presents October 18, 2013 at 6:56 pm

      Fat free cream cheese sounds super yummy Steffi!! I must try that too! I've also made these with egg salad mixed with curry and spinach! SO GOOD!! I'm addicted.

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