As I make plans to attend fashion week in Toronto I can’t help but think that I could get more organized. Rather than make a list for myself I decided to create a post for you too dearest blog reader. Here’s a list of things I’m currently gushing over, and coveting as my next purchases.


Fjallraven Canada Backpack* |  I am OBSESSED with this perfect little backpack, not only would it fit my 15 inch labtop it’s minimalist design soothes my soul on a whole other level. They come in an array of colors! Check them out here >> fjallraven Canada
The Kate Spade umbrella | Is more of a reminder for me to pack one because I always seem to forget it, and I end up buying a new one every time I travel. I mean you would think I would learn my lesson, but no. Like this one from Kate Spade? here’s where you can get it > Kate Spade.
Cute Smartphone Case | Love this clear case! It’s so cute! Get it here > Casetify.
Over-sized Jacket | How comfy does this look? Doubling as a blanket this jacket is perfect for chilly flights. Does anyone else freeze their butts off on flights? No just me? Well just in case you MIGHT get cold might I suggest a warm blanket coat like this one from > Pink Queen.   
Baseball Tee | Totally feeling a sporty vibe lately, and especially so when I’m flying or in transit. I LOVE this tee from > Boohoo
Jewelry Carrying Case | I’m terrible at organizing my jewelry, but I do always keep it together, AND keep it with my in my carry on. I don’t want to take any chances when it comes to losing it (if just temporarily).  I love this red seude case from > Calf Skin Travel.
Morroccanoil Travel Kit | I toted one of these with me to NYC two summer’s ago, and I never regretted it for a second. I actually still have the mini Morrocanoil original argan oil, and I bring it with me everywhere instead of toting my full sized styling creams. Get locally at Salons, or online here > Morroccanoil.  
Giant Sunnies | Like I wouldnt leave the house without my passport or ID I would NEVER travel without sunglasses. What better way to cover up those dark circles than with a giant pair of sunnies. I’m totally gushing over these Dior sunnies available here > Bloomingdales
High Top Chucks | When you figure out a travel uniform you don’t question it and you don’t mess with it okay. Chucks are a staple in my travel outfits, and I can’t imagine going ANYWHERE without them. Loving them in the high top version too, and hoping to add them to my wardrobe very soon. Available here > DSW
Fragrance | I’m not suggesting you dose yourself in perfume because that can make other people very sick, but it is nice to have upon your arrival. Just be sure it’s under 100ml or you’ll be making friends with wife of the security folks. I adore the Juicy Couture fragrances in any scent get them here> Shoppers Drug Mart

Luggage Organizers | UGH is there anything worse than opening your suitcase once you arrive at your hotel, and everything is EVERY WHERE. I have been stocking these for a while, as I love the idea of everything having it’s place while also having the ability to toss dirty clothes in one bag; sometimes I do A LOT in one day and those clothes should probably be burned, but I wanna keep them: away from my clean clothes.  Get them and many others here > Flight 001
Makeup Brush Tote | Again I can’t express how I love when everything has a place, and how many times have you tried to shove all your brushes into your makeup bag to find out that they are just NOT going to fit. Rather than force you to leave some of your makeup at home (I would never suggest that) how about you pack them into a neat little travel kit available here > Sigma
Distinct Luggage | We want to get you off your plane and out the door as quickly as possible, so rather than wait to figure out if that one of fifty black suitcases is yours opt for this detailed one instead. Get it here > Couture Zappos
Hope you found this post helpful blog reader! What’s on your travel wish list? Comment below or tweet me @shortpresents.

Short Presents
*This post was sponsored by Fjallraven Canada, but all opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors.

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