This week for Style Panel we explored “the white shirt“, and I explored wearing glasses again!

Featured Items: Frames: DKNY via Vogue Optical in participation of Big Day Downtown | Shirt: Boyfriends | Jeans: c/o Massimo Dutti (available here) | Weekend Bag: H&M |

Sporting some new great new specs on the blog today, and to some of you dearest blog readers this may be a surprise. I typically wear contact lens (literally from the crack of dawn to snooze town), and I haven’t reeeeeally worn glasses for quite some time, so this is pretty big for me. 

For my Big Day Downtown purchase I chose these beautiful DKNY frames, and I have to say blog reader I couldn’t be more happy with them. Mind you it did take some getting used to (a good solid weekend of crash carting into everything), I haven’t worn glasses for probably over 5 years, and so my balance was a little off (okay maybe a lot), and I had to get used to moving my entire head to see peripherally.

After a full week though I think I’m converted – well at least for work purposes, or extended times spent in front of the computer! To my surprise I’ve really been enjoying them. Thanks again to the Downtown Business Commission for hosting yet again another successful Big Day Downtown; read about my adventure here. Stay tuned for more of these AMAZING jeans from Massimo Dutti coming soon.

Happy Friday the 13th Blog Reader! Stay out of trouble
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