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Jen, Lainey, Kerrianne, and myself
Recently I was invited to partake in the second faculty of celebrity studies class held at Fred Beauty located on Agricola street. Dubbed a “sophmore” I eagerly dusted off my notebooks, sharpened my pencils and headed back to school. The live lecture featured self proclaimed gossip maven Lainey, pretty cocktails and plenty of delicious snacks, as well as a cerebral look at the study of celebrity gossip. This was not a crash course for the “celeb-chatter challenged”.

The event was really fun, and actually the conversations were a lot more intellectual and analytical than you would expect from a gossip event. It wasn’t just a superficial event to throw people under the bus (although that did happen it wasn’t always the intention), but an event to look at society and its fascination with celebrity and then talk about what that says about us. Conversations ranged from society and culture to what we value and what we de-value and how we’ve come to behave and accept these behaviors as “acceptable” or “attainable”. Of course there were instances where Reese Witherspoon was referred to as the “c” word; however it was all in good fun. 

Collectively we were looking at pop culture and media through a very critical lens, rather than simply speaking poorly about other people and/or events. I think Lainey said it perfectly when she commented on how interesting it is that one event or circumstance can be interpreted so many different ways. It is always interesting to me how we rationalize events/behaviors, and/or justify them based on our own interpretations of what we “think” happened. It’s probably one of my favorite things about people, that two people can look at the same event or circumstance and think COMPLETELY different things about them.

For the event I decided to channel my inner Blaire Waldorf (as seen in the photo taken above) as I opted for a very studiously preppy outfit (Black watch trousers from Zara and my polka dot jumper from Tommy Hilfiger). I apologize blog reader for being a terrible blogger, as I did not take the SLR camera and these poor little iphone photos are all that was used to document this fun event. As much as it is important to document events, it is equally as important to participate in them, and I hate being stuff behind a heavy camera lens.

I want to make sure we thank Fred (of Fred Beauty) for providing the perfect venue for such a lovely event, and also to Vitamin Water for sponsoring it because without either of them the event would not have been possible. I had a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to come back next year! Since the events in Halifax seem to be synonymous with breaking celebrity stories, I wonder how will we top Reese Witherspoon’s arrest? Mhm… only time will tell.

I also want to extend huge congrats to my friend Kerrianne for being crowned Valedictorian of the event, you’ve earned it girl! xx

Happy Thursday Blog Reader,
Short Presents

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  • Reply Jen April 25, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    Great post on a fabulous evening!! The conversations were so fun, and Lainey was a great speaker. xo


    • Reply Short Presents April 26, 2013 at 1:31 pm

      I agree Jen! I'm so glad you pointed that out. Lainy is a great speaker! and also great at propelling conversations outward as well!

      So glad you came!

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