12 Trends From Twenty Twelve

12 Trends From 2012

With the advent of peplum tops, and leather and fur accents (on EVERYTHING) I have to say it’s been a very good year in Fashion. I’m looking forward to the new year, and the new trends that await, for now let us relive some of this year’s finest 2012 trends.

| Twelve Trends For Twenty Twelve |

(1) Fur (anything)
Now I prefer faux because I don’t like the idea of killing something so I have the opportunity to wear it, but we’re not getting into that debate here! Fur whether fake or real has been cropping up everywhere from accents on mittens to full fur vests! 

(2) Camo, Printed and/or Colored Jeans
Whether camafluge, demask, or bright or bold hues; bold pants were certainly on trend this year. I never did get my hands a good pair of camo jeans, but I’m looking forward to it in the new year.

(3) Leather (anything)
Whether faux or real, leather accents were huge this year! Especially on pocket detailing, or t-shirts to full leather shorts, pants, skirts, jackets; we were hot for leather this year!

(4) Statement & Accent Nails 
Nails were a key statement piece for accessorizing this year. A lot of people had fun with various types of manicures from tuxedos to having one or more accent nails painted a different color from the rest.
(5) High Low Hemlines
This trend was big for both skirts, and blouses alike; it steamlined through summer and straight into Fall/Winter. 

(6) Wide Brim Hat
Along with the long skirts were a plethora of wide brim hats! I actually really liked this look, and found my wide brim hat to be the perfect way to remain incognito while feeling slightly anti-social. Wearing a hat is actually a lot of fun, and I really should make an effort to do it more; it’s a great fashion accessory. 

(7) Ankle Booties
Whether they are tall, small, medium or tall; ankle boots were welcomed with open arms. They instantly edged up outfits adding an extra street cred to an emsemble. 
(8) Spike Bracelets
Spike accents were everywhere this year from bracelets to necklaces, and even blouses and collers! It 
(9) Statement Necklaces
These are the perfect way to add an element of bling to your outfit! A statement necklace does exactly what it says it makes a statement. It’s funny though because I used to be all about the statement necklaces, but I’ve recently been swooning over statement earrings which is so weird for me because I haven’t been down that road since High School. 

(10) Dark lipcolors
Whether berry, wine, or burgundy the grungey lip colors of the 90s are back in full swing! I’ve been recently swooning over bright pinks like magenta, but I have not been able to find anything! This is what happens when you’re off trend people haha! 

(11) Oxblood (anything)
Speaking of wine, oxblood pieces were also a must this Fall/Winter! You could basically sport this color in any fashion, and you’d be on trend this year! I especially loved this color for pants! 

(12) Peplum tops and Dresses    
What better way to mask eating a big meal than with a perfectly positioned ruffle detailing around your middle. Peplums were EVERYWHERE this year, and I’m not going to lie I fell down this rabbit hole too! I love how peplums add a perfect element of feminism to an outfit, and also they help to create a great shape. I doubt these will be going anywhere this Spring!

Obviously there are plenty of other trends from this past year, and these are just a few, but I thought it would be fun to take a brief look back at this year and all the trends we were swooning over. 

Looking forward to another great year in fashion Blog Reader
Happy Saturday
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