Best Real Food on Campus

Coburg Coffee
Grilled Chicken Panini

After spending the day at the library I was jacked on coffee, and in desperate need a something to eat quick. My hands were shaking and my feet were numb; it was clear to everything except me that I should have eaten hours ago. Conveniently located on Coburg Road this cafe is very close to Dalhousie Campus, so I decide to stop in for a quick bite. I walk in and the smell of coffee tickles my nose; my body has had enough of that for one day, but I still enjoy the smell. Given the time of year the coffee house is bumpin’; students are scattered all over with their macs open and mugs in hand; wearing their exam anxiety in plain view. I quickly decide on the grilled chicken panini and plenty of water please; I need it to even me out after all that coffee. I place my order and take a seat in front of the windows that faces the street. I grab a few magazines and flip threw them as I wait for my sandwich; when it arrives I am overjoyed it looks and smells delicious. Crispy on the outside with a hint of butter and warm cheese on the inside: yum! There are plenty  of veggies in my sandwich and they are warmly welcomed. I sit and watch the cars drive by while all around me there are conversations and people working away.

The people are friendly and the food is great: I’d give it a go

Check out open mic on Tuesday nights & try the best real food on campus 
Open 7am-9pm Daily
For more info: click here

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  • Reply Leslie December 19, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    I like the turkey, goat cheese and cranberry panini…but don't you think they charge too much? Also, their bathroom is DISGUSTING!!! And I have been going there regularly for years…

  • Reply short presents January 28, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    Oh I'll have to try that one the next time. The time I was there it was late and they ran out. Bathrooms are often a disappointment at restos in the city

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