Darrell’s Restaurant

With the launch of three new gourmet burger joints in Halifax, Bayers Lake and Dartmouth; it is quite obvious that there is a huge burger trend sweeping Halifax these days, and
I have to say I’m totally on board to test driving them out. Sometimes
it’s nice to just pick something up and eat it; rather than fighting
with forks and knives. There’s something about biting into a big burger
that is so satisfying even if you are a vegetarian.

The photo above was taken at
Darrell’s Restaurant, I ordered the veggie burger (no mayo), and
Darrell fries which are basically spiced potato wedges, but don’t let
their simplicity fool you they are AMAZINGLY delicious! 

I really enjoyed my meal, sometimes when you order veggie burgers at restaurants it is as though the vegetarian items were put in the menu simply to say “okay we have a vegetarian option” so no one complains. However, a lot of places do not consider whether it is the best option. I truly believe that no one item on a menu should be any more lackluster than another (especially if the are the same price). It’s easy to make a good hamburger patty, actually I would argue it’s difficult to screw it up, but to make a good veggie burger is tough I get that.

Surprisingly this was my first time at Darrell’s Restaurant, I’d heard of it many times, but just never got around to making my way down to that neck of the woods. Located just off Queen Street near Sobeys it is a little out of the way from my normal routine, but on this particular day I was near by, and it happened to be lunch time. Veggie burger fate? I think so. 

Here’s the thing blog readers, I don’t eat red meat (haven’t for quite some time), and so I cannot attest to the actual burgers, BUT I can tell you that you can dress your veggie burger in any fashion you would with a beef patty otherwise for an extra $1.29. Meaning you can still enjoy the famous even award winning (The Coast) Peanut Butter Burger with your meat eating pals. Yes you read that right peanut butter on a burger, not sure what these chefs were up to when they got this inspiration, but I like it! Also I hear the poutine is to die for, and they make them the traditional way: with REAL cheese curds. You can even get extra curds if you want to have your way (additional $1.49).

I went with a friend of mine, and a group of her work friends. Items ordered: The Turkey Cran Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Lunch Pita (X2), all with side poutines instead of fries. All of which were their favorite, and repeat menu items of choice! Catering to the younger crowd; it is also worth noting that Darrells also serves deep fried pickles, “shrooms”, and chicken bites on their menu! So if you have some extra calories to burn this is your place!

There is quite a bit of

seating at Darrell’s both inside and outside the dinner inspired burger joint. It was kind of awkward that we were a party of five, and the booth only accommodated four, and downstairs wasn’t cleaned yet. The server did allow us to pull up a chair to one of booths, where I was probably breaking some kind of fire code sitting in the middle of the aisle.  Luckily it was a midweek late lunch, so they weren’t too busy at the time, so I wasn’t the cause for traffic jams. 


pricing is definitely reasonable, and the portions are as well. For a veggie burger and Darrell fries, regular cut fries, or house salad it is only $10.40 before taxes and tip, and I was definitely full by the end of my meal! I also like that they offer a lunch sized pita at a fraction of the regular price and size.

I plan on test driving ALL the new burger places, and I intend on taking you along for the ride! Look forward to more pant bulging burger goodness coming your way! 

Taking one for the team
Short Presents. 

For more information about Darrell check out their website


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