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So this isn’t a music video, but it certainly is something I think you might find interesting. I just recently watched this film, and there’s just something about it that stuck with me. Although having another earth this close to our planet is extremely improbable and it would cause crazy shifts to our planet resulting in insane tides, tsunamis, hurricanes and the like; it is still an interesting concept to think that there could be another you and what would you say to the other you.

In a world where we thrive on individuality and Facebook profile pages, Ego-bloggers, Twitter accounts, and the like have become the norm; this movie should strike a cord with many.

I love Science Fiction because it takes really far out concepts and then forces you to look at yourself, and the world around you, until the really intense non tangible ideas become completely relatable.

Something you might not know about me blog reader, I took an entire full year Science Fiction course while I was studying lit in university. I never read a Sci-Fi book in my life other than Frankenstein, but I’d had the teacher before and knew I was in for an interesting ride. 

What are your thoughts on Sci-Fi blog reader? Any favorite films or movies? concepts? ideas

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