To Do Tuesday: Homemade Christmas Cards

Who made this Big mess?

Drawing from last weeks post about the Clay Cafe, Today’s To Do is homemade Christmas cards. I truly feel that the best gifts are the ones that you make yourself. So get out the construction paper, glitter, ribbons, buttons and bows and create your own Christmas cards.

Step one: gather up supplies, honestly when making Christmas cards there isn’t much that is off limits. I tear the front off old cards, I cut out shapes, I use ribbons from old gift bags, I even use those googley eyes from the dollar store.

Step two: find the scissors, glue, and tape (if you have a glue gun grab it!!)

Step three: make a mess, the best way to hammer out some ideas is to know what you have available, so take everything off the kitchen table and spread out all of your supplies. Don’t be too ambitious you aren’t Hallmark; stick with what you can do well.Think about what you want to put on your card, and go for it.

Step four: personalize it. Make sure your cards suits your reader 🙂 I usually put little inside jokes that other people probably wouldn’t find funny, but you and your significant other (or bestie) will get a big kick out of it.

step five: resist the urge to share your masterpiece right away; I know you’re excited but, put it away somewhere until the time is right.

Not so crafty?
If you want to get fancy go to Michaels (Bayers Lake or Dartmouth Crossing) or De Serres (Barrington Street), but if you are just looking for the regular run of the mill art supplies I’d hit up Walmart or the Dollarama (honestly construction paper is construction paper in my mind).

Also, while you are at it. It would be wise to put together a Christmas Shopping list.
  • Make a list of all the people you need to buy for this Christmas
  • write down potential gifts and where you could purchase them

If you have an iPhone might I suggest plugging this list into your notes. Actually as I write this I’m thinking there is probably an app out for that!lol If you have the list you can refer to it while you are out and about shopping AND you can keep track of expenses.

miss kayla

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  • Reply Maryjane December 7, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    Home made cards are so great, they add a great sense of personality and love.

    Maryjane xoxo

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