We’ve come to know moroccanoil for its ability to leave hair our silky and smooth, but they’ve recently made an addition to their line of styling products. Adding volumizing products to their roster, as well as a new line of exclusive moroccanoil boar bristle brushes I was lucky enough to be able to give them both a go!

Moroccanoil’s “Root Boot” is designed to provide natural-looking height and lift –without the need for teasing, back-combing or adding any unnecessary stress to the hair. Thickening strands at the roots the root boost product is designed to provide a long-lasting, full-bodied lift to every hair type and texture – including straight, fine, or curly.
Tested backstage at NYFW, Moroccanoil Artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero, who used Root Boost to design numerous runway looks suggests: “Moroccanoil Root Boost provides the essential foundation for styling right at the hair’s root, allowing for the ultimate in volume when creating the models’ glamorous chignons and ponytails.”
How to Use Moroccanoil Root Boost:
Apply on towel-dried hair to instantly add fullness and lift to fine and medium hair textures. Lift hair in sections from the scalp and apply to the roots while blow-drying for a healthy, voluminous look. Root Boost may also be applied prior to using a straightening or curling iron.
Designed for every hair type (including fine), Moroccanoil® Root Boost claims to:
Fortify and thicken at the root
Give a long-lasting, full-bodied effect
Add voluminous texture and a natural-looking finish
Leave hair feeling smooth.
After testing out the product myself (on my very fine curly heavy and long hair) this is what I like about the product:

The Packaging – No really I love the turquoise color bottle because it’s SO easy to find on my counter top; when it comes to those frantic mornings I need all the help I can get! It’s also just pretty common let’s face it we all love pretty packaging don’t we? No just me? Okay! Either way this was a win for me.
No Backcombing – I for one appreciate this because the less I have to damage my hair the better. When you have long hair like mine it’s just as important to take care at the root as it is to care for the split ends.
Lightweight Formula— When you have long/wavy/fine hair like mine it’s really easily for products to weigh it down and then it just lays flat on the top of my head and puffs out at the bottom giving me that lovely triangle look. You know what I’m talking about right? Not cute! I liked that this product was light and didn’t feel like I was wearing product, but there was still just enough there to give texture.
Wasn’t Itchy— I assume this is large part due to the argan oil (which nourishes your hair), but I wasn’t scratching my head like a fourth grader with lice (yes this has happened to me in the past with other hair products- not the lice, but the itchiness).
The Aresol Can— I know it’s not good for the environment (sorry universe) I’ll make up for it in other ways okay! But I love that this product is in an aresol can because (a) I’m not the getting hair product all over my hands when I’m using hot tools (this is dangerous), and (b) it’s lightweight, and unlike mouse you don’t need to rub it in.
Overall I liked the product I didn’t find it weighed my hair down, and I deffinitely noticed a little umph. I would for sure recommend this product to anyone looking to add a little volume to their hair.
Along with the Root Boost, Moroccanoil also launched its first ever
Boar Bristle Brush Collection, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to test drive the
Moroccan Oil Boar Bristle “Classic” as well.
With more than two years in
development the Morrocanoil team were committed to getting the brushes
perfect, and we are oh so glad they did!
“When it came time to develop a line of Boar Bristle Brushes, we set
the bar high,” shares Antonio Corral Calero, Moroccanoil Artistic
Director. “Proven effective for all hair types, these hair brushes have
been performance-tested backstage at Fashion Weeks around the globe and
on A-list celebrities for their most glamorous red carpet moments.”
Designed to help distribute natural oils down the
shaft of the hair, the Boar Brush collection promotes healthy, shiny,
and manageable hair. Delicate enough to be used on the finest of hair,
the boar brushes gentle massage the scalp and hair to eliminate
Whether—Round, Classic or Teasing—The Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Brushes
are all designed to be lightweight, durable, and each handcrafted with
100% natural boar bristles. All Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Brushes feature
a heat-resistant wood handle and an advanced vented ceramic barrel that
allows for perfectly even heat distribution, helping to speed up drying
Like I mentioned above my hair is fine, wavy, and LONG
LONG LONG, but above all else it tends to fall, and fall A LOT! So when
I read that these brushes were gentle enough for the finest of hair I
was all over it! I opted for the classic brush because I figured I would
get the most use of it, but I would also very much love to try the
teasing brush to help add a little drama for nights out!

What I liked about Moroccanoil’s Classic Boar Bristle Brush:


No Tugging— When they say these brushes are gentle they really mean it! I loved how the brush effortlessly glided through my hair with minimal tugging.
Promotes Shine—My hair was SO shiny. I was a little skeptical that a brush could promote shine, but seriously my hair looked great, and not just at the top, but all the way down my hair!

The Design—Can we just for a second appreciate that the inside of the brush is turquoise?! I’m such a nerd for clever branding I’m sorry, but I loved this!


Thanks for getting ready with me blog reader! It might not seem like a lot of volume, but overall both products really did give me quite a bit of lift! My hair is SUPER long, and so it’s kind of a lot for one scalp to handle! Now can you imagine what it would look like if I got my hands on that teasing brush? I mean?! Look out!

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or fire me a tweet @shortpresents I love hearing from you guys!
x Short Presents

*All opinions expressed are my own; I was not paid for this post.

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