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Strands of beads surround the walls in an array of colors

Wondering how I could possibly pass the time while in Bridgewater, I took to the inter-webs, and starting Googling. I knew I wanted to make some jewelry, and I even brought some things from the city with me to get me started, but I was curious what other kinds of things were out there. 

Lead/Nickel free charms and beads

With a few clicks of the mouse I simply Googled: “Bead Stores in Bridgewater“, and found out that one was just down the street from where I was staying. Located on the main drag of downtown Bridgewater, this place was very easy to find. I popped in and the staff was very friendly and very helpful. I spent an enormously long time trying to pick out what gems and charms I wanted; there were so many to choose from I wanted them all.

Group Work Station

I’m just getting started with my little jewelry making hobby, so it’s really still in its infancy. This is place was perfect because I needed a lot of things to get myself started, and they had everything I was looking for.

The Java Bead offers classes, and even group rates if you want to go with your girlfriends. “Take and Make” allows you and your girlfriends to create something completely unique and then the staff will finish it for you at no extra cost. Click for details!

Enjoy a discount on one of their classes by downloading this coupon: Free 1st Class coupon
Check them out on Facebook:

If you’re ever around the B-water area I’d give it a go 🙂
Happy Thursday,

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