The Bicycle Thief

Bicycle Thief Steals My Heart 

For Valentine’s Day we went to The Bicycle Thief, naturally we made reservations for this well sought-after busy spot. Located near the water’s edge of Bishop’s Landing, and nestled in between some swanky boutiques, Maurizio promises to combine “American food with an Italian soul”.
Cobblestone leads us into the restaurant, while the ocean’s air tickles our noses until we are warming welcomed inside. Upon your immediate entrance is a beautiful bar, and a sea of tables occupies the left of the restaurant. To the right and towards the back of the restaurant is a quaint little room filled with Italian books from Maurizio’s travels to Italy. Our coats are quickly taken and hung up with care, as we make our way to the dinning area.
All around you are people talking, laughing, drinking, eating, and simply enjoying themselves. The atmosphere is busy, and the tables are quite cozy, so don’t plan on an intimate meal with your beau. But you could have dinner alone at home any day of the week, and besides you did your hair and you put on that fabulous dress why not show it off? The close proximity to the other patrons reminded me of New York, and the way people dressed would also suggest the same.
To start we shared the “Home-grown Mussels with tomato, garlic, Basil pesto, white wine, Toasted croutons 10$” and for our main dish we both ordered the Pistachio honey-crusted Atlantic salmon, oven roasted, Wildflower honey fresh herb beurre blanc 23$”.
Despite being busy, we never once felt neglected, our server was very attentive, and another server was around serving champagne, so you were never without a drink.
The food arrived promptly, and it was simply delicious. Despite being a maritime province I find it difficult to find good seafood in the city. This fish was to die for, probably the best fish I’ve had in a long time. It was the perfect combination of sweet and salty, and cooked perfectly: the trifecta of perfectly executed fish! The fish flaked away from the fork with little to no effort, the way properly cooked fish should. It wasn’t tough or difficult to swallow, and most importantly it wasn’t swimming in sauce. I understand why a lot of restos do this, fish is a tricky dish to serve because it gets cold quickly and sauce helps to keep it warm until it gets to your table, but I’m just not a fan. This fish was perfect, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I had to send my compliments to the chef. I believe in positive reinforcement.
The portions are probably smaller than what you’d expect for the price of the meal, but the important thing to remember is the source of the food, and also the preparations. There is an attention to detail that is beyond what is served for under 20 dollars. A good piece of fish, much like steak is going to cost you!
The Bicycle Thief is a special occasion kind of venue; the staff go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. At The Bicycle Thief you are paying for more than your meal, you are paying for the experience. I’d give it a go! 

Happy Thursday, 
much love

For more details for The Bicycle Thief check out their website at: http://bicyclethief.ca/

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