DalDance Presents: “The Barre”

With a wide range of acts this year’s DalDance recital “The Barre” is both economical and entertaining. With everything from Hip-hop,  Salsa, Belly Dance, and everything in between you will be wondering what could possibly come next. The DalDance Society is a student run society that offers multi-level dance classes to those attending Dalhousie University. http://societies.dsu.ca/daldance

Every year DalDance rewards their hard working dancers from beginners to the advanced with a live performance on the Rebecca Cohen stage. For some it will be the first time they have ever stepped foot on stage, and for others this is something they’ve looked forward to all year. It is a full day event for the dancers with long dress rehearsal, and last minute practices, but it when it all comes together it’s pretty incredible to watch. Just ask some of the dancers who have been around throughout their entire university careers. A university degree is over in the blink of an eye, but the memories and friendships created at DalDance can last a lifetime. Over the years I have met some really amazing people and I can not imagine my life without them. 

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Dance is one of the few activities in life that requires you to be fully present, both mind and body.  Dance is a excellent stress reliever for students, and professors alike. This student run society tries very hard to focus on the recreational side of dance by offering many different classes in beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The DalDance Society is multicultural, and multidimensional and there will be something for everybody at this show.  With dance instructors and students literally from all over the world; each one of them brings their own individuality and skill set to the studio and on the dance floor. 

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Below is a compilation of last year’s show “Everdance” put together by our very own Salsa instructor Phil Roy. Pretty amazing if I do say so myself. 

Join the event here: “The Barre” – Facebook . Tickets on sale now at the Dal Arts Centre Box Office. Hope to see you there!


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