Dream Hair: Ombre

While perusing Chictopia I stumbled upon this photo, and as much as I love a good ‘tights and shorts pairing’ I have to say what I love about this photo is this girls: hair. 

Ombre colour is certainly on trend right now, as evident by turning on your television screen. I’ve been noticing the ombre look a lot lately, and I’m only just starting to warm up to it. At first I have to say I didn’t love it, I thought it just looked like you were growing your hair out. But I think that when it is done right, it can actually look really great. 

Ombre colour is when the colour is darker at the root and gradually fades into lighter hues at the ends. It gives a funky kind of beachy sun kissed look and is very low maintenance, as you can let it grow out with minimal discomfort. There are plenty of different ranges with Ombre anywhere from subtle progression to a lot of dimension from the root to the the end.
Who ever coloured this girl’s hair got it right.  

I have to admit the minimal commitment is appealing to me. I used to religiously colour my hair and I have to say it gets (a) expensive and (b) time consuming. I just don’t have the time to be making appointments to be going to the salon every couple weeks. I also like the effortless look, the fake tiger stripes look never really appealed to me. 

At first I wondered how I could pull this look off with bangs, but I like how this girl’s lighter shades seem to comes from underneath. 

What are your thought blog reader? Should I colour my hair? We all know what happened last time. To read about this disaster click here: http://shortpresents.blogspot.com/2010/12/to-color-or-not-to-color.html

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