I’ve been a little lazy lately blog reader; instead of making my regular green smoothies I’ve been cheating just a little with this grown up version of a chocolate shake. 
With a full serving of protein, a little sweetness, and an energy boot it’s a great little drink to
have in the morning if I do say so my self. And if you start selling this Starbucks know that I’m coming for you.

Truth be told I’ve been ba-nanas lately between traveling and working, and so I haven’t exactly been great at purchasing groceries. When I woke up one morning after a long flight the night before (bags still packed), and hair standing up ten feet tall like a troll: I stood like a zombie in front of the fridge. And I stood in front of the fridge. And then I stood in front of the fridge some more. All I could think to myself was “what in the world am I going to have for breakfast“.

I didn’t have a lot on hand, so I tossed some old coffee into the blender,  added a banana that I had frozen in the freezer, water, and protein powder (this is the kind I had Bio-X Power Whey Complex in Chocolate Peanut Swirl that I purchased from the lovely guys at Popeyes). And I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best I mean the water was a gamble at best. Right?
After blending it up I chugged it and made my way out the door. It wasn’t until later that I thought “mhm that was actually pretty good”. And so I made it again, and again, and again. You could say I’m in what they call a rut, but with this busy schedule I can’t think of any other solution for a protein packed breakfast that’s this EASY and quick. 
What I’ve been doing is making a larger batch, and drinking them every morning at work. It wasn’t until a coworker asked me about what I was drinking, and we started talking about it that I thought I should blog about this.  Maybe other people are swapped and in need of a quick breakfast idea too.
So you can thank my curious co-worker because below is the recipe for 3 servings of this haphazard concoction 🙂 If you only want to make one serving (trust me you’ll make 3 the next time) you could just add one scoop of protein powder, and you’d also be getting more of the coffee flavor. 
1 cup of brewed coffee (chilled)
3 scoops of protein powder (the equivalent of three servings)
1 banana 
Splash of almond milk, and enough water to fill the blender about 3/4
Combine all ingredients (starting with the coffee) into the blender and blend until combined. 
The protein powder will make your mixture fluff up quite a bit, so I’ve learned to not fill the blender entirely. Trust me on this one 🙂
Typically I pour the mixture into 3 mason jars, and store either in the freezer or fridge until desired. 
It’s great for work days because you can make a batch, and not need to worry about breakfast until Thursday (in which case you can just make another batch).
Because of the protein powder the mix will settle, and you’ll notice that it’s about 3/4’s full. I tend to add some extra water before I drink it because it can be a bit sweet (for me). I realize this sounds complicated, but it probably doesn’t even require explanation, but just in case you think it’s too sweet just add some extra water before you drink it. 
With a full serving of protein, a little sweetness from the banana, and a little boost of energy with the coffee it’s a great little drink to have in the morning if I do say so my self. 
Hope you enjoyed this recipe.  What are some of your go-to breakfast recipes? 

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