New Years Eve of Champions

BOOM BABY! I am back after a blundering cold. A knock to the sinuses and a frog in my throat kept me bed ridden since boxing day. I am still left with the remnants: a dry stubborn cough, and a lethargic body. I’ve been pumping my self with everything from vitamin C to cold FX to cocktails prepared by a natural path. 

I am on the mend and beginning to get my clarity back. In the mist and fog I walked into walls, bumped my head more times that I can recall, and took one too many tumbles over things that were not necessarily there. I rarely ever get sick, so this lingering flu or whatever it was definitely threw me for a loop. 

In lieu of this cold I ended up staying in for NYE.  Sadly the sparkle dress remained on its hanger, and the patent leather shoes stayed snug in their box. There were no fancy dinner reservations, or cab hailing, but rather take out Pho soup, and cozy pyjamas. 

Chicken Pho

They say how you spend New Years Eve is how you will spend it, so bring on the delicious soup discoveries and cheesey romantic comedies. 

I was in no shape to go out, and because we just got back into town we had ZERO groceries. We needed take-out and we needed it bad. Of course we waited until around 8 o’clock before we got our act together. We were flip flopping over different plans, from friends parties to candle lit dinners, but ultimately I was just in no shape to go anywhere. I didn’t even get dressed to pick up take-out. Pathetic right? 

We called around and everything was closed, or closing. I thought NYE was a bust, and sat arms crossed on the couch and pouted like a small child. “This NYE is a stinker” were my exact words. 

Just when I had lost hope I hear “get your coat we’re going”. 
“where are we going?” I ask. “Dartmouth” – he says as he hops into a pair of shoes, and pressed down his hair. 

Pho Hoang Minh Vietnamese Restaurant to the rescue. Somehow this place was still open, and BUSY at that. Numerous tables were full of people laughing and enjoying their new year’s eve when we walked in like we’d been through a war to pick up our soup.

I don’t know exactly what goes into Pho soup, other than noodles, chicken and bean sprouts, but I can tell you that it ALWAYS makes me feel better. Whenever I am sick this is my go-to meal. The warm broth soothes my throat while the slippery noodles glide down my throat and fill my belly without causing disruption. 

This soup was great, I especially liked the broth. It was tasty, but not salty; and also it was clear as a bell. I know how to appreciate a good stock when I see one; the less you mess with a stock the clearer it’ll come. You have to let it do it’s thing, and it takes patience. When you are sick, especially a cold it is best to stick with clear liquids, this soup goes down easy and tastes great too.

Hidden away in a strip mall, this place is a hidden gem for HRM. After a quick zip across the bridge I felt this was going to be the first of many trips to this place. Looking forward to more Pho. 

Happy New Year
Much love,

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