This was one of those times where you are starving beyond all reason and so you literally just start throwing things into a bowl and hope for the best. I threw this salad together when I’d just come home from work, and I literally had about 30 minutes to eat dinner and get ready before attending an event. The results, were, well kind of amazing….


With some left over quinoa in the fridge from dinner the night before and a few other key ingredients I put together probably one of the most delicious salads I’d eaten in a while. With the crunch of the almonds, and the creaminess of the avocado I was in heaven, and bonus it took like zero effort too make. If you can chop almonds, and boil an egg you can do this!


1/2 cup of quinoa (cooked and chilled)
1 hard boiled egg
1-2 handfuls of spinach (washed – salad spinners work amazing here)
12 Almonds chopped
1 TBS Nutritional Yeast
1 TBS Olive oil
1 half an avocado, sliced


Boil your egg, and while the egg is cooking prepare you salad. And by prepare your salad I mean throw everything into your bowl and stir.  Once your egg is cooked peel and chop and add to your salad. Add more olive oil as necessary and voila ! That’s it! Feel free to throw whatever other veggies you can find lying around or some shredded cheese.
It might not look like much, but there’s so much protein going on here that it really will fill you up. I also love the addition of nutritional yeast because it’s added B vitamins, so if you’re in a hurry you may also be stressed. When you are stressed you use up your B vitamins, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough in your diet. Many nutritional yeasts are fortified with B vitamins and iron so go ahead sprinkle some on that salad! It’s also deactivated yeast so you don’t need to worry about it giving you lady problems.  
Happy Tuesday Blog Reader!
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