Mid East Town Food Centre

When hosting a potluck for a group of dancers, plenty of snacks are a must. I recently moved near the north end of Halifax, and I am looking forward to embracing every thing it has to offer: the diverseness of culture, and the richness of heartfelt smiles. I am loving the market shops that offer many different types of international foods, and the cafes that bake up fresh loaves of bread daily. 

For the potluck I am making a series of various dips (recipes below), and when you are serving dips you need a wide variety of foods to dip into the deliciously spreadable concoctions.  So I headed over to the Mid East Food Centre for some pita bread, and stumbled up their pre-made pita chips, perfect for dipping and dunking into the bean dips. Add some fresh cut up veggies to the mix, and you have your self a little bean-dip-dunking-fiesta.  

For the potluck I also picked up some black olives, and some garlic, and almond stuffed green olives to appeal to the saltiest of taste buds.  The Mid East Town Food Centre also is a great place to pick up dried nuts like almonds, and cashews, and even plain yogurt. These basics for international cooking, are easy to find and their prices are extremely reasonable.  Why head all the way uptown when they are just around the corner? The man that was working in the grocery section of the store was more than thorough in trying to locate the minced garlic for me, and even called over the lady working the take-out section to confirm they were out. Above and beyond customer service I like it.

While I was there I was getting hungry looking at all the delicious desserts, and the smell of the fragrant spices had my taste buds budding; it was the veggie samosa that caught my eye. 
Veggie Samosa with Spicy Mango Pickles

Navy bean and spinach dip (see this related post)

Artichoke Dip:

Mid East Food Centre
2595 Agricola St. 

                                                                                                                  Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 4C4


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