Sephora Halifax

Sephora recently just opened a new store in the Halifax Shopping Centre; which was just in time for me to pick up my complimentary birthday gift.

Birthday Cake Scented Bubble Bath

Opening it’s door just this past Saturday, Sephora was still busy despite the beautiful weather. As I arrived in the store I felt like I was back in NYC again; with all the young beauties trying out all their products.

I love Sephora because in all of their stores exploration is encouraged. Compared to other places that sell high end make-up like Sears and Shoppers Drug Mart that make you feel unwelcome, and/or that you could be shop lifting. Most stores that sell cosmetics instill a hands-off policy;  with most of their products located behind the counter, the sales associates are typically more annoyed about assisting you rather than eager to get your hands dirty.

Sephora is like being at a sleepover with a bunch of really well educated cosmeticians. You get to try on all the products, and see how they feel on your skin, or in your hair. Which I think is SO important because how many of us buy the wrong shade of something and end up keeping it because we’re too embarrassed to return it. 

I’d give it a go,

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