Winter is tough, there are no two ways about it. It’s so easy to get lost in dark cold months of winter, so today I’m sharing some self care practices that will invigorate your mind, body and spirit! Let’s go!

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Unplug For The Day

I turned off my social media notifications the day I created my IG account, but that doesn’t stop me from going into the app a 100 times a day to check DMs. Lately I’ve been trying to avoid checking them at night (especially before bed), and also taking intermittent breaks on Saturdays or Sundays where I don’t check them at all, and you know what?? I think it’s vital to my mental health.

Read a Book

Nothing helps to escape to some far off land better than a good book! whether you choose fiction or non-fiction sometimes it helps hear other people’s stories to take you out of your own for a hot second. It can do wonders for the brain and it’s nice to not look at a screen for at least a small portion of your day.

Talk it Out

While harder to see counsellors, life coaches and mentors these days obviously during Covid, but there are so of options for phone, facetime, zoom meetings etc. We have the technology so no excuses!!

Also do not under estimate the value in simply calling a friend. It’s nice to just hear their voice and definitely a level up from texting. Instagram actually has some fun video chat capabilities now too, you can do group video chats! It’s great and likely already something you’re already using/familiar with.

Listen to an Uplifting or Inspirational Podcast.

I love listening to podcasts because you invariably learn something new, but also you can typically multitask quite efficiently, so whether you’re driving in your car, taking the dog for a walk, cleaning your house: you can also enjoy a great podcast. I also appreciate the length it’s not too time consuming, and you always come away feeling better than when you started.

Some of my fave local podcasts are: LifeoutLoud, Rival and Queen, SheQuest, and What you Make it !! I’ve been a guest on all these shows, and I JUST recorded two new podcasts last week, both with Martina for Life Out Loud, and Sarah and Ashley from Rival and Queen, be sure to follow them so you don’t miss my episodes!

Simplify Your Schedule

I always feel better when I have SOME idea of what’s coming, I’m not sure what I would do without my daily planner, actually I know what I’d do I’d likely run myself into the ground from stress (because I’ve done it before).

Laying out your schedule not only helps you know what’s coming, but also helps you manage expectations. As much as I’m filling blocks of time with things I need to do, I am equally allowing for breaks and breathers so I can better pace myself.

I try to not overlap too many commitments or speaking engagements because I know they take a lot of energy, and therefore I won’t be putting my best foot forward if I’m drained. Let’s just say I’ve learned from experience.

Simplifying your schedule is really the only way to go, we can spend all day planning, but what we really need is: the time to do things, and time to relax!

De Clutter Your Space

Much like it’s important to simplify your schedule doing the same for your space is so important. My boyfriend always says “You can have the item, or you can have the space, but you can’t have both” and while it’s simplistic in nature (when you frame it like that) it gets tough when we out it into practice and our emotions get all up into the mix. A clutter space is a cluttered mind, and you have to make sure you feel at ease in your space (as much as possible). Trust me we were renovating during a pandemic, while also trying to work, and workout from home. It was extremely challenging to say the least (and I would NOT recommend). However, it is super motivating now when I’m deciding what I am allowing into my space.

Less is more: in order for us to fully appreciate, and use what we have, we have to let things go. And in order to allow new things to come in, we also need to learn to let things go.

Nothing soothes my OCD soul more than knowing that everything has a place, and I know where it is. I’ve always been that friend who knows where everything is, even if it’s not my own house. My friends in high school would call me after I spent the night at their house, and be like “Kayla where’s my purple sweater”, and I’d be like “its on the back of your chair by your desk”.

When there’s too much stuff its impossible to keep track. De clutter your space, and you’ll de clutter your mind.

Take a Long Luxurious Bath or Shower!

One of my go-tos when things feel overwhelming is to take either long hot shower, or a bath. There’s something about a shower or a bath that really helps me hit the reset button.

Add in some products with some healing essential oils?? And you my friend are in business! Might I suggest some beautiful responsibly sourced bath products from Canadian brand Maple & Lather [SPONSORED] Lately I’ve been loving their Orange Bergamot scented products they smell ah-mazing!

There’s something about lighting a candle that to me signals: it’s time to relax. Like the act of lighting the candle is an intention in an of it’s self.

You can find these luxury long burn candles, and all natural triple milled luxe soaps on the Maple & Lather website. It’s one thing to talk the talk, but it’s another to walk the walk.

I was very happy to learn about Maple & Lather’s sustainability initiatives, their candle and soap boxes are made from 100% recycled paper, and when they ship products to you, even the packing peanuts are biodegradable and soluble in water!! It’s definitely these little things that make a big impact especially when we’re so heavily dependant on shipping items right now.

Do Something That Energizes Your Body

Whether you choose to run, walk, dance, stretch whatever get you moving and makes you happy do it! Maybe you do all the above at different times of the day, or you pick and choose one each day, but trust me you gotta do something honestly once you start doing this you’ll really start to notice how you feel SO much better after.

Something I realized during Covid, and not going from place to place is that I really missed the simple act of walking somewhere and listening to music.

While we might not have places to go right now, there’s no reason you can’t pop in your headphones (might I suggest some Lizzo?) and use the sidewalk like your runway hunny! Trust me it’s glor-i-ous and an instant mood booster.

Try Something New

I would argue trying something new is good for all the things, but most importantly it’s good for your spirit. There’s nothing better than the trill of accomplishment, or the hilariousness journey of a lack there of lol

Whether you walk down a different street for a change of scenery, or try a new recipe, a new activity, hobby, or experience; trying something new is always good for the soul.

And with so many ways to learn new things: whether you finally sign up for that online course, or you just teach yourself how to do something (like make sushi) from Youtube: the world is your oyster, and your spirit will definitely thank you for it.

Create a Gratitude Jar or List

Travis and I have been doing this for years now, we keep a jar in our kitchen and fill it with little things that brought us joy randomly throughout the year. At the end of the year we read them, and also our goals from the year before and set new ones for the year ahead. You can start this at any time, and contribute to your jar at any time. Personally it really puts things into perspective when you see reoccurring themes, so it makes setting goals a lot easier, but also it really makes you look back at your life and remember all the good times!

If you’re looking for something you can plug away at every day or if you like journal prompts my friend recently created a “Joy Journal” as well as another book “28 days to a healthier you” both are available on Amazon, and both are definitely a great place to start.

Quality Time With Quality People

If this year has taught us anything it’s definitely that tomorrow isn’t promised, while our world has kind of been tipped upside down there’s one thing that rings true and that’s the value of surrounding yourself with good people for when times get tough. There’s nothing that brings me more joy than spending quality time with the ones I love.

Hope you found today’s post helpful, and if you have any self care tips PLEASE feel free to leave them below I’m always looking for more ideas!

Wishing you a joyful day! PS we are running a super exciting giveaway for some Maple + Lather products on our Instagram @Shortpresents be sure to head over to enter while you can!



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