Salt Shaker Deli ; Lunenburg

on olive bread with goat’s cheese, tomato, basil pesto, greens and
roasted peppers & marinated artichokes…..9

This past weekend we ventured to the beautiful little town of Lunenburg for a friend’s wedding. I use the term “beautiful” loosely since it literally rained cats and dogs the day of the wedding, so my poor brand new little leather pumps certainly were put to the ultimate test. Before we needed to get ready to head to the church we stopped in for a bite at the famous Salt Shaker Deli

When  word got out I was going to Lunenburg I was urged to go to the Salt Shaker Deli  and so it was first on our list of things to do. We made our way from the car and managed to not get completely soaked, however you will have to excuse the disaster that presented it’s self on my head that day. We quickly settled in, and a waitress promptly took our orders: “Two veggie sandwiches and two coffees please, and step on it! We’re in a hurry”. 

The sandwiches arrived before we had time to blink, which left us time to actually enjoy and savor the delicious sandwiches. What I loved so much about this place, and contrary to their name, was that they offered healthy choices at affordable prices. In my experience it is often very difficult to find healthy options in small towns for reasonable prices. Now now, don’t throw stones at me just yet; I’m from a small town too. I can only speak for my experiences, and in my experience these places usually go out of business. Lunenburg seems to be different, they try very hard to cater to their guests; with a host of restaurants of all varieties.  

I’d give this place a go, this place was nutritious, delicious and lastly afforable, so it’s a win for me. I’d give the sandwich a 7.5, it could have used a teensy bit more goat cheese, and maybe some collard greens on the side. I did enjoy the pickle though, as seen above. The bread on the other hand was to die for, and the coffee was amazing and much needed: weddings make for a long day. 

I would love to return to the Salt Shaker Deli to try their pizza which smelled amazing while we were there. 

More on my Lunenburg adventures to come.


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  • Reply Meg August 4, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    Ran and I stopped to look at their menu on Friday because it smelled SO GOOD when we were walking by. We had never heard of it or been urged to go, but we really wanted to check it out before we left. Sadly we didn't get to this time, but we definitely want to go back for a weekend in Lunenburg/Mahone Bay another time! 🙂

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