Kate’s Sweet Indulgence Cafe and Bakery – Lunenburg

Cheesecakes, Pies, and one Delectable Cupcake

We stopped into Kate’s Sweet Indulence Cafe and Bakery before hitting the road back to Halifax. I was in desperate need of coffee, and I was also just plain curious. A cute little coffee shop? of course we have to go in before we leave!! This little cafe was super adorable, and offers a wide range of Fair Trade Coffees and delicious desserts. 

This place is called a bakery for a reason, they had copious amounts of delectable treats and snacks to enjoy; from the famous New York black and white cookies, coconut squares, peanut butter naniamo bars to cheesecakes galore. 

Because we literally stuffed our faces at the Bed and Breakfast we were in no shape to be eating treats, and because of the heat they never would have survived the trip back sorry friends. 

So I grabbed a coffee and we headed back to hustle and bustle. I fully enjoyed my full bodied coffee on the drive back through Mahone Bay, meanwhile juggling to snap photos of the beautiful scenery every two seconds; luckily I had a very patient driver. 

I really look forward to coming back to Lunenburg, and I’m already starting to do some lunges in preparation for my next visit, so I can eat all kinds of treats next time. Haha kidding about the lunges, not about the treats though. Look out Lunenburg!

Hope you made the most of your weekend

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