Pink Toenails And Pink Foam Curlers In My Ponytail

Day in the Life of a Teambuyer Part II

For the second part of my Teambuy adventure I chose a manicure and a pedicure from Totally Yours Salon and Spa. Located in the heart of Halifax at the Fenwick Medical Centre, this place was very easy to find. Because the spa can only accommodate one client at a time, I headed to the salon solo to get a head start before my friend arrived for her appointment an hour later. Immediately upon entering I was asked if I would like a tea or water, and quickly my feet were soaking in a warm bath of soothing water. After walking several blocks in the heat to get to the salon from work; I’m not sure what I needed more the cold water to drink or the hot water for my feet.  

Disregard the quality of the video, and just love the song. 

TY’s Pros

  • Offered me tea (Green Tea with Ginger at that!) and water upon arrival.
  • Very cautious/Sanitary with the tools/utensils (very important).
  • Nails looked great/ minimal pain pushing back cuticles.
  • Allowed both my friend and I to be in the room together (even though it was a bit cramped for the aesthetician I’m sure).
  • The aesthetician was nice, and didn’t give me special treatment because I was going to blog about her. She kept it real, and I liked that. 
  • Complimented my hat (for Short Presents a compliment is always a win).
  • Made good conversation while I waited for my friend, but wasn’t overwhelming (no drama).
  • Did well to put up with my indecisiveness while choosing a color/colors. 
  • The aesthetician was very knowledgeable about her profession (I ask a lot of questions), and gave excellent advice specific to our individual needs.
  • When unsure about the how long the feather extensions in her hair lasted on average, she went out of her way to find out from a colleague (win). 

There are fewer cons than pros 🙂 but I thought I should mention

TY’s Cons:

  • Fruit flies were slightly bothersome. If I wasn’t paying such close attention and didn’t realize the asthetician was so careful with the utensils/tools I might assume the place was unhygienic. 
  • It would be wise to have accommodations available for two, so you could go with your girlfriend and gab away the time.
  • Overall environment could use a teensy bit of a makeover; the manicure/pedicure room was kind of cluttered and slightly messy (bowls and towels left out on the floor), sorry ladies, but I think this is just due to the salon’s limited space. 
  • Lastly, the initial receptionist was not very nice when I came in; I think there was some confusion as there was apparent whispering upon my immediate arrival. She may have been having a bad day, who am I to judge, but she could work on being a bit more pleasant to customers paying or not. The rest of the staff were very friendly, however.

Overall my experience with Totally Yours was definitely a pleasant one, and I was happy to have pretty nails for the Teambuy First Year Anniversary Celebration (more on that later). The experience reminded me of sleepovers with my girls in grade school; with plenty of chatting and laughter while painting nails. It was simply fun: Thanks TY!

Oh toenails, why don’t I have time to paint my toenails?

I would Recommend TY if you are flying solo and you want nice, well manicured nails, but don’t care for an uber spa like enviro. 

Thank you so so much to Teambuy Halifax, Suzanne Robinson, John Bowes, and Meghan Finney! I had a great time.


Totally Yours 

5595 Fenwick, Halifax, NS B3H 4M2

(902) 429-2852 totallyyours.ca

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  • Reply Kim Humes July 27, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    Was great to meet you at the partay the other night!

  • Reply Anonymous July 29, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    My toenails still look as perfect as the day she did them! My hands however…I feel being a hand-talker attributed to their untimely death.

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