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Look Of The Day : Halloween Edition
Edie Sedgwick 

Actress, socialite, heiress, noted model and style icon, Edie broke new ground when she came to New York in the 1960s to pursue her artist career, but she’s more known for her over the top fashion sense than her art. “No one dressed like her” – commentary from the credits of Factory Girl Linked to the soup can “genius” himself; Edie was Andy Warhol’s right hand lady. Ultimately abandoning her dreams of being an artist Edie became well known to the famous Factory, underground films, and fell victim to the shenanigans that went along with it. “Dubbed as the “It Girl” and labeled as a “youthquaker” by Vogue Magazine; she was linked to the likes of Betsey Johnson and Mary Quant.


Known for her big lashes, dark eye makeup, and enormous chandelier earings, Edie’s style has always been intriguing to me, and so I felt it would be perfect for Halloween.

Her life wasn’t always glitz and glamour, sadly she was actually quite troubled. To read more about her story check out:

People mostly know Edie through her connections with Andy Warhol, but what a lot people might not know about is her relationship with Bob Dylan and even rumoured abortion of his child. The following songs from the album Blonde on Blonde were said to be inpsired by Edie, but like most Dylan songs we don’t really know for sure: it’s simply speculation.

Naturally when you are going to play a part, you need to do a little research first; so like any good student I quickly covered some basics by doing a Google image search. I scoured the photos and took mental notes of her makeup, wardrobe, and the ultimately re-watched Factory Girl (2006) staring Seinna Miller and Guy Pearce to get a feel for her personality.  This is what I came up with:

How to achieve the Sedgwick look!

The dress: 
I surprisingly already had this over the top sparkle dress; I know right. After watching the film Factory Girl I really noticed that a lot of the dresses Seinna Miller wears in the film could be described as party dresses. If she wasn’t wearing tights, and a baggy sweater she sported an abundance of over the top glitter wide open backed dresses. 

The Earrings: 

I couldn’t find a set of earrings that were long enough, or even big enough for that matter, so the earrings you see above I actually constructed myself. I made the earrings by attaching two pairs I already had together. It was easy! I just took the bottom earrings and put the hook through the little holes that served as details for the top set, and they matched quite seamlessly. I reinforced the second set by attaching clear plastic backs, so they wouldn’t fall out while tearing up the dance floor. Clever right?

The Hair:
I wore a blonde wig that was purchased from Shoppers Drug mart for a grand total of 6 dollars, and by the way this was my only expense for the entire costume.  I would have liked to have worn a shorter wig, but I have extremely long hair, and it was a job and a half to get it tucked into this one. With some help from Twitter I discovered an incredibly clever way to keep all your hair inside a wig: a leg from a clean pair of panty hose! Preferably in beige since it will help to conceal your actual hair colour. Thanks @Hstu for this amazingly helpful tip.

The Makeup:
I actually did myself! and for the purpose of this post I found this really great tutorial for you. I wish I thought about looking this up earlier, but I think mine turned out okay regardless. Want to know a secret? I used not only one set of false eye lashes, but TWO SETS OF FALSE EYE LASHES! I simply put one set on, and then waited for them to dry then I added another set. I had heard that Kim Kardashian did that to achieve her big eyed look, so I figured I’d give it a go for Edie sake.
My trick for my beloved falsies? Put the glue along the lashes, and then gently blow on them so that the glue dries just a little. It sticks better to your eye lid when the glue has dried slightly, so it becomes tacky rather than wet and dripping.  I gently pull the eye lid outward with on hand, and fix the eye lashes on with the other hand. I use the right hand (right handed), and the left for support.

This is Halloween. This is Halloween. Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

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