Ankle Length Stripped Skirt

Fashion Friday 
It’s that time of the week again; time to get your fabulous fashion fix before you head into the weekend. Every Friday Short Presents features a fashion and beauty related blog post, from inspirational outfit ideas to in-depth look at trends spotted directly on the runway. I read a lot of fashion blogs, and watch a lot of Fashion Television and I just write about when I like what I see. Today’s Fashion Friday look of the day is an ankle length stripped skirt

fellow blogger jb from Halifaxhype.com

dressing room shot

So you may have seen some of the these photos already; but at Short Presents we are all about recycling. I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about this little skirt for a minute. I am head over heels in love, and not because it’s super nautical and cute, but because I don’t think I’ve ever been so comfortable. Which is saying a lot because I will tell you that I ate an enormous amount of sushi the night these photos were taken. 

For evidence see this post: 

Initially I wasn’t sure about the skirt, I could hear Stacy London in my head screaming “YOU DON”T WEAR HORIZONTAL STRIPES ACROSS YOUR MIDDLE!”. Since I had like 20 minutes to spare for shopping, I was shopping alone, and so I didn’t even have an honest friend to be like “OH No No No!!” I asked the sales associate, she has the coolest bangs, so I totally trusted her fashion sense, and bought the skirt. 

Now there are some things you should know about wearing a skirt like this: 
(a) don’t buy it too tight, the stripes will be a wonky and make your butt look lopsided (not cute). 
(b) you shouldn’t wear a flat shoe, you need something to bring you up off the ground even just a little. 
(c) don’t over do it with accessories, the skirt is bold, so make sure everything else is simple.
(d) wear a necklace or something in your ears to help bring the eyes up, so that the focus isn’t only the skirt. 

Happy Friday,

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